Top Norfolk video production insights 2018 – Trends To Know


The video trends to know for 2018 are changing how filmmakers do video, especially in regards to corporate film. If you have thought of using film to tell your company’s story, you are on the right track and aren’t alone. In 2017, more than 60 percent of corporations did just that, and in 2018, that number is over 80 percent. Making a smart investment in your company’s future includes hiring a Top Norfolk video production company to create a compelling video campaign that will interest your consumers. When deciding on the Norfolk video production agency to hire, think of the trends you think will work for your brand and make sure the company you are hiring can make them happen for you.


Customizing Your Video Production To Suit Your Consumers


A hot trend right now is engaging the customer via social media and apps that you can use to personalize video content to suit individual customers. An example is when a full-service Norfolk video production company creates a video production that a customer can access on your website. When consumers visit that website, they enter their information and the video will then be tailored with that information, making it appear like you are speaking directly to them. If you believe that this service will benefit your business, work with a video producer that knows website video productions so that you get the film and apps or site linked properly. We are here to help with that, serving the entire South Virginia area, including Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Hampton, and Newport News.

Creating A Campaign With Smaller Films And A Video Production Studio


Norfolk video marketing companies created campaigns with one longer film, in the past, with the idea of saving time and money. Truthfully, though, many consumers have lost interest in that type of film in 2018, and the trend has now shifted to creating a film campaign with smaller films that keep consumers interested throughout the storyline. No matter if you own a clothing business in Henrico County, or an advertising agency on Main Street in downtown, you should hire a company that knows digital marketing in South Virginia. If you want to jump on this trend, remember that you need to hire a video production studio who creates short films to make them cohesive and consistent, as well as interesting. A video company, alone, may not be able to get the continuity right in these films, but a full service video production studio certainly can.

Offering Hybrid Video Production Services in Norfolk To Interest Consumers


When you really want to give your customers something different, try hybrid Video Production Services. Hybrid video production means taking a live stream and adding in video elements to create a new entertainment option that also informs. A Top Norfolk video production company will create a livestream or webcast stream and then insert a chyron or lower third within that stream, or post a logo or lower third graphic that directs consumers to a website or social media site where they can learn more about your company or brand. When you choose to hire a qualified production house for this type of service, be sure that they are knowledgeable on both live streaming and video.


Working With Film Production Companies That Know Micro-Films


In today’s world, consumers generally prefer to get their information and entertainment on social media, so hiring Norfolk film production companies that know micro films, or films that are 30 seconds or less, is the best way to get in on a trend that is easy to capitalize on. Film Production companies in Norfolk that have created these films for social media sites are important, too, because social media is where these films are seen and shared most often. When you work with a creative agency that understands the value in micro-films and today’s free marketing abilities of social media, they can help you develop a video marketing campaign that will set your company up for major success in 2018.

Find a Norfolk Production Company That Is Near You


If you really want to stand out from other companies in the way that you reach your consumers in 2018, you should start doing live videos. No doubt, you have seen a live video posted to a social media site, but you don’t need to shoot these on a cell phone and post them on social media. You can hire a Norfolk production company that does live interviews while you host a roundtable discussion with your staff or interview CEOs of the company. The production company will just set up the live stream for you. Consumers like live video because it allows them to see your company or brand in real time, which gives them a glimpse of your company like they’ve never seen you before, making them feel more connected to you. Finding a top Norfolk video production company that is near you will be your best bet so that they can set up the livestreams whenever you need, and since you should do these often for the max effect, having a company close by is an asset.


Hiring A Norfolk Video Production Agency That Blogs Their Videos


When you think of blogging and film, you may understand how the two are related, but combining blogs to tell a story, and using video to enhance that, is something that companies are starting to do more of because consumers respond well to this combination. When you get in on this trend, choose a Norfolk video production agency that understands film and blogs, and choosing a company that blogs their own videos is a bonus. Blogs give you the ability to reach your following easier, faster, and more affordably. Hire a video production agency who will help you place films on your blogs so that you can reach your audience with film, too. Currently, top production companies in Norfolk are producing such films, so you should be able to find one, quickly.

Select a Top Norfolk video production company For Your Film


Selecting the Top Norfolk video production companies you want to work with for your new, trendy corporate video, looking for “production companies near me,” isn’t going to be enough, anymore. You need to hire a company that is on point with the latest trends in film, and one that knows how to create corporate film campaigns. Beverly Boy Productions knows both, and we are ready to help your company in 2018.


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