Why are Product Videos for Marketing So Important for Business Owners

Why are Product Videos for Marketing So Important for Business Owners?

The production of quality video content for your website and for your marketing campaigns might be particularly challenging, but it’s also incredibly important. As a business owner, you probably spend a lot of time seeking ways to improve your business, reach more customers, build stronger relationships and generate more sales for your brand. This is exactly what product videos for marketing have the power to achieve for your business and it’s why they are so incredibly important for your brand.

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Don’t believe us? Although Beverly Boy Productions may be impartial since we are a professional video production company, we’ve got more to our point than just our impartial love for filmmaking.

In fact, we’ve got some statistics to prove just how powerful product videos for marketing can be for business owners. 

Product Videos for Marketing Drive 73% More Purchases

Showing your products to visitors is a big deal, especially if you’re using product demonstrations and other forms of product videos for marketing your brand.

In fact, the use of product videos for marketing your business can increase your sales by as much as 73% or more according to a recent Animoto survey. 

Which found that people who watch a product video are more likely to make a subsequent purchase. Not only will the use of marketing videos increase your brand recognition online, they’ll also drive more sales for your brand.

This represents a particularly powerful means of generating positive ROI for your brand. In fact, providing video marketing has the power to drive a positive return on investment in a number of ways which we’ll get into next.

Positive ROI for Brands that use Product Videos for Marketing

Marketers generally agree that product videos are an excellent marketing tool that results in positive ROI. Marketers claim that when video is added to their website there is an increase in traffic 86% of the time.

The traffic increase can range, but depending on how much traffic videos bring to the site the ROI for their video creation can range from just a little to a whole lot.

Overall, 87% of marketers report that they have had a positive return on investment from their use of product marketing videos as part of their overall marketing and advertising campaigns. 

Reduced Calls to Customer Care

Product videos have been found to reduce the number of support calls that come into their customer care centers by as much as 43%. In fact, the use of product videos for marketing has been found to increase customer understanding of products.

Resulting in more customers feeling comfortable and satisfied with the products that they’ve purchased or otherwise received.

This too can reduce the frequency of length of calls into the customer care center. Consumers report watching videos that explain products more frequently than they will read instructions.

When customers were asked about how they prefer to learn about a product, the majority of them (69%) report that they would prefer watching a short video over reading an article or downloading a manual.

The Takeaway

So, why are product videos for marketing so important? They have the power to drive increased revenue, generate sales, reduce customer confusion while improving overall customer understanding of products and generating higher ROI for a brand – what’s not to love?

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