Benefits of Working with a Washington DC Customer Testimonial Video Production Company

Are you looking to work with a Washington DC Customer Testimonial Video Production Company? When was the last time you went onto social media to get advice about a product, service or brand? As many as 82% of consumers regularly turn to social media or the internet for information and for referrals to the products, services and brands they ultimately purchase from and for good cause – there’s social proof that can be found cross the web as a result of satisfied customers and clients speaking their truths about the businesses and brands that they love.

As a Washington DC business owner, if you’re considering the use of customer testimonials that can generate social proof for your brand, working closely with a Washington DC customer testimonial video production company can help!

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Testimonial videos have the potential to improve a brand’s reputation online quickly and efficiently. That’s why as many as 81% of business owners, in Washington DC and throughout the United States, are already leveraging the unique power of customer testimonial videos to advance consumer trust and conversions for their brands.

Just consider the following great benefits that can come as a direct result of your decision to work with a Washington DC Customer Testimonial Video Production Company.

Customer Testimonial Videos Lead to Higher Consumer Interest in Your Brand

Many consumers state that they will not even consider a purchase unless they have reviewed what others have to say about the brand first. They’ll look to social media, they’ll look to their friends and family, and they’ll review the brand reviews across Google, Yelp, and other platforms to get an idea of whether or not a business, brand, product or service is one that they can trust for their own use.

Producing customer testimonial videos for your Washington DC business is going to help you set your brand apart from the competition and stand out to customers that are seeking the products and services that you offer for sale.

Customer Testimonial Videos Increase Conversions for Your Business

While it cannot be specified exactly how much the production of a customer testimonial video for your business is going to drive consumer interest and conversions or sales for your brand, it’s safe to say that the more you can share stories of past customer success, trust, and satisfaction that is connected to your brand, the more sales you’re going to make.

Business owners have reported conversion increases as high as several hundred percent from their decisions to include customer testimonial videos in their campaigns.

Customer Testimonial Videos Build Brand Trust Among a Target Audience


Whether you’re a new business in the DC area, or you’ve been around for a while, building up audience trust is essential to growing your business and to generating conversions. The decision to hire a Washington DC Customer Testimonial Video Production Company to help you produce top quality customer testimonial videos for your business will help you to build trust for your brand among a target audience.

The result is not only higher social proof, but also a significant increase in the overall level of trust that general consumers are going to have in your business and increase in their likelihood of sharing details about your brand with others.

Customer Testimonial Videos Are Very Likely to Be Shared

If you’re looking for a way to boost audience awareness of your business, consider hiring a Washington DC Customer Testimonial Video Production Company to work with that will help you to create content that will get your brand noticed.

Customer testimonial videos are incredibly likely to be shared by others, especially the customers that are featured in the videos, as well as those who are equally satisfied with your business and the offer that you’ve provided to them.

Customer Testimonial Videos Trigger People to Connect with & Purchase From your Brand

Ultimately, customer testimonial videos are exactly what you need if you want to trigger a target audience to connect with your brand on an emotional level of decide to make a purchase. Working closely with a Washington DC Customer Testimonial Video Production Company, like Beverly Boy Productions, will help you to create a campaign that is going to stand out to your audience and influence the kind of emotional decisions and connections that your business needs in order to generate higher revenue and sales.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we actively work with clients of various sizes across the DC area to help them build out professionally produced customer testimonial video campaigns that will drive consumer interest, boost trust, and generate increased conversions and sales that are necessary for brand recognition and growth.

To learn more about producing customer testimonial videos for your Washington DC business, or in order to hire our professional Washington DC Customer Testimonial Video Production Company for a project that you’ve got on your to-do list, give us a call!

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