5 Video Editing Trends to Try in 2023

Video is the most powerful marketing medium available. It has the potential to deliver your key message like no other style or type of content can. Video is the most widely sought after form of content and continues to become increasingly popular both online and on television. But before these videos become the powerfully engaging masterpieces that they are, they go through a lot of editing in post-production. If you want to produce great videos, you’ve got to stay up to date on the latest video editing trends and processes.

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These video editing trends are a must for you to try out in 2023. They’ll add a level of professionalism, excitement, and quality to your content for maximum audience engagement.

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1. Live Video Editing Trends

You may not think of live streaming videos are something that are edited before they are shared with the world, but live videos are edited, the process is just different than what a typical post-production process might look like.

Live video editors use online editing software to manipulate video shots as they are prepared for broadcast to the audience.

This involves real-time addition of things like graphics, text overlays, and other features to the livestream broadcast with minimal interruption to the audience.

2. 360° Video Editing Trends

The trend toward 360° video editing has been gaining traction for several years since this style of video started to make headway on YouTube several years ago. Today, more video editors are incorporating the use of the 360° video content into everyday views on screen.

In fact, a lot of what we see in this style of editing is the modification of the 360° view from original view to the adjusted look at another direction or angle in order to deliver a uniquely engaging experience like never before.

3. Motion Graphics Templates Expand

The use of Motion Graphics Templates has been popular for a few years now but in 2023 we’re watching the use of these MOGRTs expand and be more widely-used than ever before.

As video editors continue to seek more ways of improving video graphics without adding to the timeline for post-production the use of MOGRTs continues to come up. Savvy video editors are using these to create short-cuts that they can employ in various ways throughout their editing careers.

4. Mobile Video Editing

More than ever before shifts are being made towards mobile video editing trends in 2023.

In 2021 and 2022 we saw several great video editing software programs and tools launch mobile apps and options which will continue to carry into 2023 as more and more video editors seek to streamline their post-production editing processes, maximize on the level of productivity they can achieve and get the best effects in a fraction of the time — and mobile video editing appears to deliver on all fronts.

5. Professional Transitions, Galore

We’ve watched as the old and dated transitions that were widely popular in the 80s and 90s have finally been pushed out by a variety of new, and updated professional transitions.

Thankfully, one of the best video editing trends for 2023 is that professional transitions will continue to be created by software providers and various freelance sellers that will lend even the newly aspiring filmmaker to achieve greater success with their special effects and transitional style.

Once you start playing around with the many different options available in today’s video editing arsenal, you’ll never – EVER – go back to those old, dated transitions again!

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