5 Benefits of Training Video Content in Employee Growth & Development

5 Benefits of Training Video Content in Employee Growth & Development 

Employee growth and development represents a key factor that contributes to your overall business growth and the satisfaction of your customers, especially in the service industry. Brands that invest in employee training and growth have happier employees, higher employee retention, and more satisfied customers. If you’re not already using training video content to help your employees grow and develop, you’re really missing out and potentially jeopardizing your brand image. Checkout these 5 benefits of using training video content to encourage employee growth and development. 

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1. Save Money & Resources 

Hiring employees is expensive. Training new hires is also expensive. Then when an employee moves on, you have to reinvest in someone new to take their place. It’s no wonder many brands have realized that training video content that increases employee retention is worth the investment. You can easily save money and valuable resources by training your employees better. But instructor based training is expensive and if you’ve got a high turnover rate, the cost of repeat instruction can quickly add up. Instead, smart brands are using training video content production to deliver repeat training to employees without a repeat in the cost. 

2. Flexibility 

Video content is flexible. You can custom the training video content to meet your needs and if those needs change, sometimes simple edits to an existing training video can be made to repurpose or adjust the content without having to start new. Another benefit of training video content when encouraging employee growth is the fact that video accommodates all types of learners — the listener, the reader, and the individual that learns by seeing. 

3. Greater Engagement 

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Training video content is simply more engaging than written content or other forms of employee training that may be less interesting. In fact, videos increase engagement by as much as 75% over written content alone. If you want to encourage employee growth and development without boring your employees to death, consider an employee training video rather than written guides or step-by-step poster board instruction that was popular 20 years ago — get with the program! 

4. Higher Information Retention 

Employees that watch a video are more likely to retain the information that is covered in the video for several months versus if they were to just read a manual. In fact, studies have proven that video content is absorbed and the material covered is recalled up to a 90% accuracy rate. This is compared to the accuracy retention of just 20% for written content. People remember 20% of what they read, 80% of what they watch and upwards of 90% of what they read, watch and hear via a video.

5. Anytime – Anywhere 

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Training video content can be viewed by your employees anytime, anywhere. As long as there is access to the hosted location of the video (whether online or via a shared file of some sort), employees can watch the content. This flexibility helps to reduce the frequency of missed training sessions and other potential negative factors that can arise if the content were not available via video. 

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