What Makes a Full Service Video Agency?

What Makes a Full Service Video Agency? 

What is it that makes a full service video agency so useful? Is it the storytelling? Is it their ability to understand clients and the actions that make them turn into paying customers? Is it their technical skills or their ability to operate the camera? Perhaps it’s a little bit of all of this? Or is it something entirely different? A full service video agency can help you achieve your video production goals both in marketing and in advertising, but what exactly is it that makes a full service video agency what it is? 

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Master of Many Trades 

A full service video agency is truly a master of many trades. They are able to create videos for your brand that will convert users, drive traffic, build sales, and grow your business. The best full service video agency will master many different arts including social media video production, website video production, explainer video production, testimonial video production and the list goes on. 

They benefit your brand by learning everything they can about your organization and its goals so that they fully understand your needs. This way they can devise a plan for video production that will help you achieve your business goals. This includes creative storytelling, mastering the shot list, scheduling the cast and crew, and editing all of the footage in a timely manner so that your finished video is ready within the production guidelines that are set forth for your project. 

It’s a lot to handle, but a professional crew like Beverly Boy Productions can do it! Our full service video agency has been producing top quality video content for brands for more than two decades. We wear many hats and have mastered production of various styles to help brands just like yours succeed with video marketing. 

Pre-Production to Post 

A full service video agency will be with you every step of the way. From the moment your concept is thought of until the video is distributed and you’re checking your analytics to see how you did, Beverly Boy Productions is by your side. Any full service video agency will know the importance of each phase of production, pre-production, actual production, and post-production. As they work through each phase to produce your marketing videos they are diligently collaborating to ensure each step is achieved in a way that is conducive to your finished product being absolutely the best quality. 

Each stage of production takes a varied amount of time. Depending on the length of your video, pre-production and production can take a few weeks whereas the post-production will generally take a bit longer. Throughout each phase your full service video agency will discuss with you the activities that are taking place behind the scenes to ensure the success of your project. 

So when you ask, what makes a full service video agency? It’s not necessarily one thing or another, it’s the scope of experience, attitude, behavior, and skill that come from a team like Beverly Boy Productions that truly make up a full service video agency. It’s someone who is by your side, throughout your project, to see it through to success — that’s what makes a full service video agency!

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