How to Create a Viral Video Distribution Strategy

How to Create a Viral Video Distribution Strategy

Hosting viral video content typically doesn’t begin with an upload to your own website. The truth is, most people that are going to like, comment, share and repeat the sharing process of your potentially viral video content are not hanging out on your website. These people are sending their time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,  and various other sites. Thus, creating a viral video distribution strategy involves not only a lot of behind-the-scenes planning and strategic marketing, it also requires a deep understanding of what it takes for viral video content to be openly shared and distributed around the world.

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At Beverly Boy Productions we’re showing you how to create a viral video distribution strategy from start to finish. Use this strategic guide to help you determine not only what goes into producing a viral video.

But also the steps to viral video distribution and the marketing behind this sort of viral video success. To learn more about our professional video production services, give Beverly Boy Productions a call.

Understanding the Term “Viral” Video

What does a viral video mean, anyway? Why do some people say that a video with 100K views is viral while others may require 1M? What’s the marketing strategy behind viral content? 

In fact, all of these questions are common when seeking to fully understand the effects of viral video content. The truth of the matter is, viral video content isn’t something that is achieved with a particular marketing strategy.

Virality isn’t a marketing tactic or factor. In fact, viral video distribution strategies are the result of direct input and strategy around the concept of “earned media.” 

Earned media is the term used to describe the amount of traffic that is anticipated or expected as a direct result of the acquisition efforts performed by a marketing team following the production of a video or some other form of content.

When earned media is fully optimized, with proper planning in the beginning prior to video production as well as strategic marketing post-production in distribution, there is the potential for viral success.

Viral Video Marketing Strategy

Much like you would market any blog post, infographic, white paper or other form of content, so too must you prepare a marketing strategy for viral video distribution.

The steps are much like they would be for other forms of content. You’re going to:

-Focus on your core audience and what it will take to connect with them.

-Study patterns of past viral videos in your niche.

-Determine the appropriate date and time for the video release.

-Build marketing campaigns around the release date with teaser campaigns leading up to the release.

-Work with other companies or influencers to build anticipation and promote your video.

-Optimize video titles, subtitles, and the written transcripts.

-Optimize the video thumbnail image, including a face when possible.

-Plan viral video distribution channels & strategy for release.

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Viral Video Distribution Channels

There are so many different places that you could potentially distribute your viral video content. In fact, viral video distribution is widely dependent upon where you distribute and the style of your video, including length and various other features, depend largely on the distribution channel that you choose.

Thus, you have the following potential options for viral video distribution:







-Your Own Website

-Media Partner Websites

Deciding on a distribution channel or multiple channels of distribution will help you to produce a viral video distribution strategy that leads you to success for your brand.

Think about where you audience and competitor audiences are most likely to be hanging out. That’s where you want to distribute your viral video content! Call Beverly Boy Productions to learn more about viral video distribution strategies that will work for your brand.

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