COVID Safe Video Production in St. Paul

COVID Safe Video Production in St. Paul, MN

Production practices were abruptly halted as film sets and studios throughout the nation were closed along with many other non-essential businesses in March of 2020 in an effort to minimize COVID-19 spread. But shutting the film industry down long term was simply not an option. Solutions for COVID safe video production in St. Paul, and throughout the nation were absolutely necessary. In fact, that’s what the CDC and the Minnesota Film Commission set out to achieve — safe, healthy film production practices for filmmakers, cast members, staff and crew in St. Paul and surrounding areas.

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Beverly Boy Productions follows essential protocols set forth by the CDC as well as those outlined by the Minnesota Department of Health and the Minnesota Film Commission to ensure COVID safe video production in St. Paul.

COVID Safe Film Production Practices

Following essential guidelines and best practices set forth by the CDC and various industry groups including SAG AFTRA as well as OSHA.

These guidelines and practices include:

-Maintaining social distancing standards when possible, keeping at least 6 feet between others.

-Wearing face coverings and approved face shields to protect from the transfer of droplets.

-Limiting the number of people on the film set, stage, or in the studio at a given time.

-Reducing department spread by separating key departments and allowing only essential workers on the film set.

-Screening cast, contractors and crew for risk factors including travel to known COVID hot spots or situations where illness is present, especially cough or fever.

-Avoiding close contact with others, including hand-shakes, elbow bumps or other contact.

-Disinfecting equipment before a shoot and ensuring a clean set that has been disinfected frequently during production for the safety of cast and crew.

Video Production Drop Kits

In addition to following the above precautions, Beverly Boy Productions also began distributing video production drop kits throughout St. Paul in March of 2020. These drop kits can be used to produce professional quality video without leaving your home or office.

Our drop kits are:

-Safe, sterile, and ready to use.

-Delivered using contactless delivery to ensure the safety of our clients.

-Prepared for point and shoot operation with limited contact and remote operation features.

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