COVID Safe Video Production in Bankok, Thailand

Covid Safe Video Production in Bangkok, Thailand

Video production has always been a largely interactive process that involves groups working together for the good of others. In 2020, much of the processes and practices that took place for filmmakers were largely changed as a result COVID-19. The video production community was largely halted in early 2020 when non-essential businesses were shutdown until COVID safe video production in Bangkok could once again take place.

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Beverly Boy Productions follows all essential COVID safe video production practices in Bangkok as well as worldwide. Give us a call to learn more.

COVID Safe Production in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand was hit much like the rest of the world when it came to halting business and stalling out any economic activity that could possibly or potentially lead to spread of the virus.

The World Health Organization, in conjunction with the Cinema of Thailand worked out several guidelines to produce COVID safe videos in Bangkok.

These guidelines include:

-Social distancing to ensure safety between groups of people.

-Staying home if you have any COVID symptoms including fever.

-Checking temperature before allowing anyone on set.

-Keeping those who work on the set, including cast, crew and community, up to date on health and individual status on set.

-Requiring that those who have COVID symptoms remain home.

-Keeping a log of temperatures and other risk factors for those eno enter the building.

-Practicing good hand washing and hygiene, using sanitizer between washes.

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Video Production Drop Kits

In addition to the steps taken above, Beverly Boy Productions offers a wide range of essential opportunities to help clients deliver professional content to their audiences.

We began delivering video production drop kits in March 2020 and continue to offer them to individuals in Bangkok as well as in other major cities worldwide.

Our video production drop kits are…

-Safe and easy to use.

-Sterilized prior to use for your safety.

-Accurate and feature easy point and shoot technology for your convenience.

-Delivered using contactless delivery for your safety and health.

Ready to learn more about COVID safe video production in Bangkok, Thailand? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call at 888-462-7808!

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