Social Media Video Marketing Trends of 2023

As 2022 comes to a close, many are wondering what’s in store for 2023? Specifically, what social media video marketing trends of 2023 are most likely to become the driving force of personalization, connection, and networking across the major social platforms over the next twelve months? We’re diving into the top social networks including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest to discuss the top social media video marketing trends of 2023 that are going to directly influence how we interact across the metaverse.

Consumers spend an average of 150 minutes online watching video each day. Not only has video become so powerfully popular in consumer lives that 84% of digital users state they are motivated to purchase products or services promoted by top brands via video but also 1 in 2 Gen Z Millennials state they have no idea how they would get through life without video. It’s true, video is at the forefront of virtually everything we do these days, especially when it comes to social media!

Checkout these social media video marketing trends of 2023 and how we expect video to continue to evolve and revolutionize the way we engage, interact, and socialize across the web.

Facebook Video Marketing Trends of 2023

Facebook (aka Meta), continues to be the world’s largest, most used social media platform with 2.89B active users worldwide. Users engage in Facebook Live video sharing as well as in the sharing of pre-recorded videos, static images, and text based posts. Brands looking to improve their Facebook video marketing in 2023 are going to invest heavily in Live streaming which drives significantly higher interaction than pre-recorded videos. Additional, we expect the following social media video marketing trends of 2023 to impact Facebook/Meta:

  • Rise in short-form video ad production.
  • Increased use of Facebook by brands to deliver training and how-to content.
  • Increased use of Facebook Stories to deliver short sales pitches and other branded content.
  • Brands will invest more in Facebook influencer marketing than ever before.

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Instagram Video Marketing Trends of 2023

Instagram is an ever-growing, rapidly expanding social platform that has long favored video and visual content over other formats such as plain text. With more than 1.386B active users worldwide, Instagram is the 4th most popular social platform accounting for millions of hours of video viewing. The use of video increases 80% year-over-year via the platform and for good cause, as videos result in 21% more engagement than photos alone. We anticipate the following social media video marketing trends of 2023 to influence Instagram:

  • Rise in shoppable videos to take advantage of the 130M users that tap on shopping posts monthly.
  • Product tagging in videos to bridge the gap between influencer content and e-commerce.
  • Increased investment into influencers, particularly Nano marketers.
  • Smart brands are going to use Instagram Reels more than ever! Hello TikTok 2.0!

TikTok Video Marketing Trends of 2023

TikTok Video Production

Providing a place where creators can embrace their childhood and have fun, TikTok once attracted a mostly young audience but now has more than 80M monthly active users with 26% between the ages of 25-44. It’s not just for kids anymore! We see the app continuing to drive increased engagement and revenue as more brands turn to TikTok for a piece of the pie in 2023. The following social media video marketing trends of 2023 are expect to be key to TikTok:

  • Social commerce will increase particular thanks to TikTok’s collab with Shopify.
  • Influencer marketing will continue to grow in popularity, specifically with brands investing in micro-influencers.
  • TikTok video ads will grow a bit in length in 2023, with more videos surpassing the 15 second mark than ever before.

Twitter Video Marketing Trends of 2023

Twitter features more than 206M active users worldwide including major celebrities, politicians, and of course brands. With more than 2M video views on Twitter each day, this platform simply cannot be overlooked for your social media video marketing in 2023. The platform has seen 67% year-over-year growth of video, just behind the 80% accounted for at Instagram, and admits that video is the fastest growing advertising medium for the Tweet based platform. Here’s what we expect for Twitter over the next twelve months:

  • Continued rise in personal recommendations and branded videos shared by influencers. Twitters users are 38% more likely to post their opinions about products and services than other social users.
  • Increased focus on Tweets that include video for max engagement. Tweets generate 10X engagement with video.
  • Rise in short-form videos to be shared via Twitter.

Linkedin Video Marketing Trends of 2023

Linkedin, the social platform for B2B interactions and for work related engagements is the largest professional network worldwide accounting for 800M members across 200 countries and territories. Like other platforms, Linkedin has seen huge wins with video in the past and will continue to promote the use of video marketing efforts among brands, ambassadors, and users in general, particularly because 75% of those who use video on the platform find it highly effective. Here’s what we expect in regards to social media video marketing trends in 2023 for LinkedIn users:

  • Increased use of B2B video marketing via Linkedin.
  • Rise in total amount of video engaged with on Linkedin will lead to rising use of video for LinkedIn B2B and B2C marketing.
  • Marketers will share how-to videos, case studies and lead magnets.
  • Explainer videos will become prominent as a means of generating interest around products and services.

Pinterest Video Marketing Trends of 2023

Pinterest was once purely a place to share static images but has followed course to evolve alongside some of the other social media platforms. It’s now a place to host and share videos in addition to images and accounts for 454M active monthly users worldwide. A visual bookmarking platform of sorts, Pinterest attracts businesses, brands, and individual users at all phases of the marketing funnel. A rockstar opportunity for health, travel, DIY, beauty and recipes, Pinterest users account for one billion video views per day. Here’s what we expect in regards to social media video marketing trends of 2023 for Pinterest:

  • Rise in DIY and How-to Style branded video content.
  • Continued rise in the use of Pinterest video ads to target various industries.
  • Inspirational videos continue to drive sales for home, health, beauty and fashion brands.

Social media video marketing trends of 2023 are sure to continue to evolve and revolutionize the way we interact across the various social media platforms that so many of us spend our time on. What’s in store for you on social media this year?

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