7 Types of Personalized Videos to Include in Your 2023 Marketing Campaigns

The use of personalized video content is a growing trend in video advertising and a top focus for businesses that are building out their 2023 marketing strategy. In fact, personalized videos represent the most effective means of connecting directly with consumers in today’s competitive environment. There are several types of personalized videos that brands can use to connect with consumers. In fact, these 7 types of personalized videos are a must for your 2023 marketing campaigns:

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1. Event Invitation Videos

Sending out personalized event invitations to consumers interested in the event is a great way to not only promote but to personalize so that the consumer feels truly connected and appreciated by your brand.

The idea of the personalized invitation video is to simply add a consumer’s name to a preformatted video so that the consumer feels that the attention is on them. It’s a huge win for brands and for the consumers sending content to them.

2. Call-to-Action Posts

Want to truly drive consumer engagement? Producing call to action videos that will directly address the consumer is the way to go. These types of personalized videos are ideal for use at the end of a blog post or landing page to encourage the user to take the specified action. 

3. Recruitment Videos

Perfect for student recruitment or similar recruitment opportunities, the use of personalized videos that include things like the offering and name of the viewer in the video can be powerful. Consider the use of personalized recruitment videos to drive interaction with your brand.

4. Gratitude Videos

One of the most valuable types of personalized videos to include in your marketing campaigns are gratitude videos. That’s right– videos that show your personal gratitude for your customers are ideal.

Businesses often focus too much time on the customer acquisition process and not enough on thanking the customer after the fact — now’s your change!

5. Product Promotion Videos

Actively promoting products and services that your business offers will always be a major focus for marketing campaigns, and 2023 is not likely to be entirely different.

However, these types of personalized videos that promote products can incorporate a number of consumer elements from insights gathered through social media targeting on Facebook and similar platforms. 

6. B2B Videos

The use of personalized videos in your B2B marketing campaigns represents a classic opportunity to deliver focused content that will drive sales. The personalized opportunities that you use in this type of video can come from your own internal marketing efforts.

7. Time-Sensitive Videos

Time-sensitive videos represent one of the most useful and yet most difficult to target types of personalized videos to use in your campaigns.

Consider the use of personalized, time sensitive videos that deliver things like holiday greetings and business promotions to boost connections with your existing clients and spread some personalized cheer. 

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