5 Benefits of Producing Ecommerce Marketing Videos in 2023

If you’re still trying to figure out whether the production of ecommerce marketing videos is something that should be on your 2023 agenda, you’re not alone. While 80% of businesses use video to their marketing advantage, an alarming amount of newly started ecommerce stores still don’t have video on their agenda. As such, producing ecommerce marketing videos in 2023 is something that many retailers and online sellers are considering, and for good cause.

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There are actually many benefits that come from producing video for ecommerce brands. 

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1. Videos Increase Conversions by 85%

The addition of video for an ecommerce store has the power to increase conversions by as much as 85%. In addition to video improving conversions, it can also increase email conversions by as much as 96%.

Furthermore, video has been found to reduce the frequency of consumer product returns by nearly 25%. Producing ecommerce marketing videos is something that all retailers and online sellers should be considering.

2. Videos Represent Powerful Omnichannel Marketing

If you haven’t heard the word, “omnichannel” or learned of the trend toward omnichannel marketing in 2023, you probably haven’t been engaged in the most recent marketing trends and statistics.

None the less, omnichannel or multi channel marketing is a heavy focus for brands in the new year because shoppers are more likely to purchase if they see a product featured across multiple channels.

Thus, one of the greatest benefits of producing ecommerce marketing videos is the fact that these videos can be posted across multiple channels creating your very own omnichannel marketing campaigns!

3. Pages with Video Convert Higher

We know that ecommerce marketing videos increase conversions in email marketing but did you know that the use of video on a webpage has the power to increase conversions by up to 160%? 

The addition of 160% higher traffic and conversions for your business is something that most ecommerce providers cannot afford to deny.

4. Video Creates Fewer Returns

A recent study found that ecommerce providers that include videos on their product pages and within their marketing campaigns have fewer returns.

In fact, many brands that incorporate the use of video into their campaigns see higher sales paired with lower than average returns of products. Returns were reduced by up to 25% for these brands.

5. Videos are Sharable

Consumers enjoy sharing video content and they’re highly sharable on social media. In fact, one of the benefits of producing ecommerce marketing videos is the fact that they are so sharable.

If you’re trying to increase consumer awareness and reach for your brand, creating videos for your social media channels and marketing campaigns represents a powerful opportunity to maximize interest in your brand. 

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