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5 Quick Steps to Hiring a Video Production Vendor

Hiring a video production vendor to help you produce top quality video content for your brand is all about research, communication and making the right choice. Video production vendors can make or break the success of your video content and your videos can result in greater success (or lack of) for your brand. As you work to find the best video production vendors for your video projects, consider these quick steps that will take you from consideration to qualification and hiring in no time.

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Step 1: The Beginning to End Result

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The very first step to hiring video production vendors that are ideal for your video projects is to consider the end result that you wish to achieve. Think about what it is that you want out of a video production vendor.

Do your research to find vendors in the area that have similar portfolio elements to those that are important for your project. Check vendor portfolios for videos that are similar to what you want to produce or for brand connections similar to your industry.

This will show you that the vendor you’re considering has experience working with brands similar to yours or that they at least have experience in producing videos that are similar to what you wish to produce.

Communication is Key

If you come across a vendor that does not have their portfolio listed on their website, make the decision either to skip over them completely or reach out and ask for access to their portfolio. Either option is acceptable.

The goal here is to come up with a list of video production vendors that have portfolio elements that are in line with the work you wish to have completed.

Step 2: Outline Your Budget

Before you call any video production vendors to produce proposals for you it is important to have a budget in place. You should already have a clear understanding of the potential costs associated with the type of video content you’re looking to have created.

Outline your budget and the appropriate costs that you can afford for the video that you want to have produced. You’ll later align the budget with the vendor proposals to decide which vendors you can afford to work with and which may be out of reach financially.

Step 3: Discuss Key Details

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As you begin talking with video production vendors about your project and the important elements of the video it is vital to openly discuss key details. Many video production vendors will work with different teams or even outsource certain elements of a project to third parties.

You need to know how the vendor works and how your project will progress. Make sure you know who is going to be accountable for each key detail of your project upfront so that there are no surprises as you progress through the production process.

Step 4: Review Referrals and Resources

Ask the video production vendors for a list of referrals and resources before you hire. It’s important to check out the past projects and to talk with past clients for each vendor you are considering.

As you work on reference checking, ask the clients what they thought of the vendor, whether they were satisfied with their work, and whether the vendor accurately delivered on the contract that was executed between client and vendor. You’re looking to build a relationship with a video production vendor that has had positive past relationships with previous clients.

Confirm satisfaction with vendor’s past clients and ask them if they would use the vendor again in the future. This is your chance to get a feel for who the vendor is and whether or not you can trust that they will deliver upon the expectations of your video project.

Step 5: Review All Options & Decide

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Before you hire a video production vendor make sure that you review all of your options in full. Get quotes from multiple vendors and discuss the project with the top vendors in detail.

Make sure you understand what each vendor is offering and you are fully aware of what to expect when the project gets started. If there are additional costs, this should be discussed now to ensure, again, that you have no surprises later on.

Once you’ve reviewed the benefits and expectations of each of the video production vendors on your list you can decide who to hire for your project. This decision should be based on your research, review, and communication with both the vendors and their past clients.

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