Top 7 Dallas Film Studios

Top 7 Dallas Film Studios You Should Consider for your Texas Video

If you’re looking for Dallas film studios, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve built a list of resources to help you out in searching for the perfect video production houses. The film and video production industry in Dallas, Texas has skyrocketed. With companies seeking out new video content for social media marketing, local Dallas studios and sound stages are booming. (No pun intended.) Whether you’re looking to film a movie or use a TV spot for branded content, we hope this list makes your job a little bit easier.

If your project requires a plain white Cyc wall, professional stage lighting, or a giant green screen studio, your Dallas production team can make it happen. We hope that these resources can help you find the Dallas production studios that are best for you. Dallas is a great place to film – we want to show you the best places to take your crew!

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1. Ideaman Studios

Founded in 2003, this facility is home to creative companies and crew members with one goal in mind: to produce top-quality content. From commercials, to industrials, to shorts and feature films, Ideaman Studios has created all kinds of films. They can cover everything from concept development to editing and distribution, so you can relax knowing your project is in good hands.

Each of Ideaman Studios’ rental spaces includes dressing room access, electricity, and high-speed internet. If your project requires any special equipment, simply request a quote for more information.

Phone Number:

(214) 812-9779


166 Express St

Dallas, TX 75207

2. South Side Studios

This production facility has everything you need to get the ball rolling with your next project. South Side Studios is set on 11 acres in South Dallas and only 2 miles from the downtown area. It features two giant buildings, the 70,000 square-foot West Stage Building and the 50,000 square-foot Support Building, with a huge range of cutting-edge equipment to utilize.

The site also contains two extra buildings, a 4-story and a 1-story, available to rent on a per-use basis.

Phone Number:

214- 242-0085


2901 S Lamar St
Dallas, Texas 75215

3. MPS Studios

If you’re looking for soundstages, MPS has got your back. MPS has four, state-of-the-art soundstages, one of which includes a food kitchen.

MPS also has a double-Cyc wall studio known as “Studio 139” – just keep in mind that this studio is not yet soundproof. This particular stage features amenities such as a production office, makeup and hair salon, changing rooms, green room, and studio coordinator. But conference rooms, VIP suites, and more production offices are also available for rental.

Phone Number:



141 Regal Row

Dallas, TX 75247

4. Rent-A-Studio

Rent-A-Studio is a creative hub with a top-notch space for video production. Whether you need industry standard gear or a creative space for your video, this facility has a lot to offer. Outside of studio spaces, clients are also available to rent stand-alone equipment, as well as videographers, photographers, and other professionals in the field of videography.

Phone Number:



2607 Walnut Hill Ln

Dallas TX 75229 

Dallas Does the Job: How to Rent a Film Studio

Dallas City skyline at dusk, Texas, USA

While there are plenty of studios to consider, Dallas, Texas also offers plenty of outdoor locations that can make for an excellent backdrop. For example, your film project could utilize the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. This beautiful, lush garden features some of the most colorful flowers out there. If you’re looking for something serene or natural, this is the place to film. Dallas also offers great locations to feed your crew after you’re finished with the filming process, like Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill and Gemma.

While Dallas, Texas is film-friendly generally, we recommend contacting the Dallas Film Commission for information on local accessibility and film permits.

We hope that this article aids you in finding the studio that’s best fit for you. Without further ado, let’s dive into those Dallas film studios!

5. Camera Ready Studios

This facility is an extremely welcoming environment that includes all kinds of studios. Camera Ready Studios currently has three spaces available for filming: a natural light studio, a large studio, and a headshot studio. Camera Ready Studios also has a makeup room, conference room, common areas, and other additional spaces available to use in your upcoming project.

Phone Number:



14203 Proton Rd

Dallas, TX 75244

6. AMP Studios

AMP’s 10,000 square foot production complex is located in North Dallas. It offers a wide variety of equipment complete with top-quality lighting control. Its complex is built with 100% sound-treated ceilings and walls, so you don’t have to worry about any audio interference. Whether you need a double-cove Cyc studio or a voiceover and audio recording booth, AMP has it all.

AMP also offers private access to the building through its gated parking lot, and truck/dock high entry makes your job just a little bit easier when you’re busy prepping for your latest project.

Phone Number:



10763 Sanden Dr

Dallas, TX 75238

7. Ludisian

Dave French, one of the co-founders of Ludisian, has produced film for over 2 decades. His work on award-winning short films and features makes his studio a viable option for your upcoming project.

Ludisian currently offers a 22′ x 17′ x 12.5′ Cyc wall with over 375 square feet of space for production. This studio also includes a viewing area and a detached dressing room to efficiently prepare for your shoot. The facility also offers an Iso booth and an audio studio control room in case you need to mix or record. It’s an overall high-quality studio that any production can benefit from using.

Phone Number:



2114 Farrington St,

Dallas, TX, 75207

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