Top 4 Austin Film Studios

Top 4 Austin Film Studios You Should Consider for your Project

Searching for Austin film studios? We’ve got you covered! Here you will find a list of resources that can help you find local Austin studios and sound stages for your project. The film and video production industry in Austin, Texas, is booming – video content for social media marketing is one of the many types of production companies have sought out over the past decade. Production houses, complete with everything you need for tv spots for branded content or a professional promotional video, have got your back.  

Plain white Cyc walls and green screen studios are just a couple of production features that Austin studios have to offer. You can rest assured knowing that your Austin production team can benefit from these top Austin production studios.

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1. ATX Studios

ATX has everything you need to bring your project to life. This full-service film and entertainment complex is only 10 minutes from downtown Austin and 5 minutes from the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. It’s private, secure, and equipped with all of the gear needed to take your video to the next level.

ATX has a 27,500 square-foot space, a 27,00 square-foot space, and a 15,500 square-foot space for video production. They also have two separate rooms that serve as an equipment area and secure wardrobe, as well as a large office to relax in.

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5330 Fleming Court
Austin, TX 78744

2. Austin Film Society

This 20-acre film facility is located in central Austin at 1901 E. 51st Street. With everything from sound stages to production offices, to set construction, there’s plenty of production space to utilize.

There are three different venues you can rent at this facility: the AFS Cinema, Austin Public (for broadcasting), and Austin Studios. Your project can easily benefit from the space rentals and services found at the Austin Film Society. This organization supports all aspects videography, after all!

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1901 E 51ST St
Austin, TX 78723

Austin, an Awesome Place to Rent a Film Studio

Austin, Texas Production Company

While the film studios here are amazing, we also encourage checking out locations in Austin that are outside of the studio setting. Your upcoming film project can easily benefit from a backdrop as lush and serene as the Zilker Metropolitan Park. This 350-acre recreational park has gorgeous views of Barton Creek, which is connected to the Colorado River. No matter where you’re filming, there are plenty of tasty eateries to stop at for dinner. We highly recommend the Salty Sow and Juan in a Million.

Texas is a very film-friendly state. For more information on film permits and local accessibility, feel free to contact the Austin Film Commission.

We hope this article aids you in searching for the perfect Austin film studios. Enjoy!

3. Originator Studios

From photoshoots to events, to video production, this space has it all. Floor 1 of Originator Studios has a 5-ton capacity welding grid that raises and lowers, acoustically treated walls, and an upstairs make-up and green room. It also includes a dedicated kitchen and craft services area, as well as additional lights, grip equipment, and other expendables.

Originator Studios’ production services include writing, casting, streaming, editing, and much more. All in all, this facility has a myriad of equipment and services that can enhance your upcoming project.

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718 Northwestern Ave.

Austin, TX 78702

4. Austin Studio Rental

If you’re looking for a flexible and modern space, Austin Studio Rental is the place to go. This facility shares a courtyard with Sa-Ten, a Japanese inspired cafe that serves great food and desserts. Its studio space features a three-wall cyclorama, green screen, and infinity white capabilities, among many other studio perks.

While this studio doesn’t offer walk-ins, it’s absolutely worth scheduling a tour for. Austin Studio Rental can easily bring life to your upcoming production.

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916 Springdale Road
Building 2 Suite 107
Austin, Texas

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