8 Traits to Look for in a Top Nashville Cinematographer

8 Traits to Look for in a Top Nashville Cinematographer

Cinematographers are inquisitive thinkers with a passion for creativity and the arts. They are creative to the core and work well in areas where they can allow their confidence and self-expression lead the way. If you’re looking for a great Nashville cinematographer, you’re probably going to consider someone with a confident attitude, strong leadership and integrity, as well as, of course, creativity and passion for what they do.

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These are just a few of the traits that we consider important to the job:

1. Creativity

Producing video content requires a strong imagination and the ability to let your creative energy shine.

As you’re considering all the different traits that a Nashville cinematographer may possess, we believe that creativity and ability to help others achieve higher levels of creativity is one of the most important traits on the list.

2. Passion

Not just a passion for film or filmmaking, but a generally strong passion. Cinematographers have a passion for connecting with others.

They have a passion for all things creative. They are passionate about what they do and who they do it with.

3. Confidence

Absolutely certain in their ability to pull off a great shot or scene, a Nashville cinematographer exudes confidence when working on the film set.

They will have confidence in their skills and abilities when it comes to working with a wide range of camera equipment and filmmaking essentials.

4. Leadership

Beverly Boy camera crew

Many of the most common traits that we consider appropriate for a Nashville cinematographer are of the leadership type.

These individuals lead the crew on the set and are responsible for leading others to understand their vision and be able to deliver it through the films and videos they create.

5. Integrity

Great filmmakers have integrity not just for the work that they do but for the work that is done by others too.

They are honest and engaged in the work that they do behind the camera and care deeply about the overall success of the projects they are involved in.

6. Open-Minded

Creativity and an open-minded attitude or general way of thinking seem to go hand-in-hand. Without one, you really can’t have the other.

But a great Nashville cinematographer will have an open-minded way of accepting the ideas of others and of being receptive to new ways of doing things both on the set and in life.

7. Reliable

Filmmaking is a tough job that requires long hours on the set and frequently means working in tough conditions.

All of this takes place within very strict time parameters. Being reliable is absolutely vital for a great cinematographer.

8. Focused

Beverly Boy DP hard at work

Once a Nashville cinematographer has their mind set on a particular vision and means of delivering that vision on camera, they are 100% focused on making it happen and will do whatever it takes to ensure success.

It’s certainly a strong way of being, but it’s also what leads to success for these individuals.

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