What to Include in a Three Minute Professional Talking Head Video

Producing a professional talking head video that gets your message across in under three minutes can present several key challenges. Figuring out what to include in a Three Minute Professional Talking Head Video, and what to keep out for time’s sake, may present several unique challenges that will leave you wondering if you’ve made the right decision.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we specialize in the production of short, powerful talking head videos that grab the attention of the audience and deliver the intended message. To help you understand what you should include in the script of a Three Minute Professional Talking Head Video, we’ve put together a detailed list that you can use to get started.

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Planning the Script

If you’ve never produced a video before, you should know that the average script page represents 1 minute of video. Therefore, if you want to produce a three minute professional talking head video, you’re probably going to have a script that is about 3 pages long.

Before you begin writing your script, consider brainstorming all of the important details that you want to include. Make sure that you then organize your details based on importance. This way, you can easily cut out some details if you find that your video is too long.

Writing the Script

The script of your talking head video is going to be made up of 4 simple parts:

  1. The hook
  2. The introduction
  3. The solution
  4. The call to action

We’ll talk about each of these in greater detail below. Most importantly, this is the approach you’ll use for many different styles and types of talking head videos. Start by writing a rough draft of your script, we’ll go over each part and later we’ll address how to reduce the length if you need to.

Writing The Hook

The hook is what will draw attention to your talking head video. It should be something that introduces the problem that your audience is experiencing and tells them what they can expect from your video. For instance, “Tired of always feeling like you can’t be the life of the party? In the next 3 minutes we’re going to show you how you can get back your energy, feel upbeat, and BE the life of every party you go to.”

Notice that the hook gives the audience insight into what they will learn, why this is for them, and that by watching they can expect to solve a problem they can relate to. Keep it 1-2 sentences.

Writing the Introduction

The next step in writing your Three Minute Professional Talking Head Video is the introduction. You need to introduce yourself or your subject to your audience and tell them why this is the person that they should listen to. What are your credentials? You need to make your audience feel like you are the expert that they should listen to in regards to the problem that you’re going to help them solve.

This section should also be short. Just a couple of sentences that will ensure your audience that you’re their go-to expert on the subject of your video. Don’t lay it on too thick! You just want to be naturally convincing.

Writing the Solution

In your introduction you addressed who you are and why you’re the person that the audience should listen to in regards to the problem they’re having, now it’s time to address the solution that you can provide. Explain to the audience how you, your product or service, idea, or other information that you can offer is going to solve their problem.

This part should be the majority of your information. This is where you are going to win your audience over. When writing this part of your Three Minute Professional Talking Head Video, make sure that you tell the audience exactly what they need so that they can solve their problem the same way that you did. Be the solution to their challenge and they won’t be able to wait to buy!

Writing the Call to Action

The final part of your script should be the call to action. Once you have developed authority, built trust, proven that you have the solution, and offered your audience insights that they need, it’s time to close with a short mention of what they should do next. For instance, “Call now so that you can be the life of the party.” Or “Click here if you want more energy.” Your call to action should be very short and specific.

What to Exclude if it’s Too Long

If you’ve made it to this point of writing your script and you’ve got more than three pages, it’s time to start making some changes. If you want your Three Minute Professional Talking Head Video to be only three minutes, you’ll need to take some things out of the equation. Review what you wrote, and think about any words that could be better delivered visually. If they can, eliminate them and make a note about how you will visually deliver instead of using written word.

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Often, this is where hiring a professional comes in. At Beverly Boy Productions we’ll help you create a Three Minute Professional Talking Head Video that hits all the important notes and delivers your intended message without going over on time. We use storytelling, and our professional background to produce expert talking head videos that your audience will find powerfully captivating. Give us a call to learn more!

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