How to Land Video Production Jobs in Columbia

The film scene is extremely popular and competitive. It’s a fun environment to work in and many aspire to get a piece of the action.

While there’s certainly no hard-set or clearly defined path to landing video production jobs in Columbia, South Carolina, it’s important to recognize that there are certain actions which really must take place in order to secure a position on the set.

It’s important to have your resume and cover letter, portfolio, and networking skills in order if you’re going to secure a spot on any film set in Columbia.

These tips from Beverly Boy Productions will help you land video production jobs in Columbia or anywhere in the world. With grit, persistence, and some hard work, you’ll be working on the film set in no time!

       1. Write an Amazing Resume

Many video production jobs in Columbia require a resume. Your resume should represent you and your skills on paper. It’s like your single-page story that shares all of the important information relative to your past work history, skills sets, and key data.

A great result should detail your availability and qualifications so that hiring managers can get an instant understanding of who you are, what you are capable of, when you’ve worked the film set in the past and when you’re ready to work, as well as where you’ve worked and why you’re not there anymore.

If you don’t have an amazing resume, hire a professional to help you improve it!

       2. Cover Letter

DO NOT use a template style cover letter for every resume you submit! Landing video production jobs in Columbia will almost certainly require more time investment than what is put into using a template style cover letter! Please write a unique cover letter for each position that you apply for.

While you can have a template of sorts, that includes certain information in your cover letter, it’s important to also personalize it with the name of the business you’re applying to, the position, and your individual history or skills as they apply to the actual job that you’re applying to. Please take your time and get this right!

       3. Portfolio

If you’re trying to land video production jobs in Columbia that focus on the visual arts – things like costumes, special effects, sets and props, hair and makeup, you should have a portfolio!

Make sure that your portfolio is up to date, reflects your best work, and makes you shine! Add your work to your portfolio frequently so that hiring managers can see what they need to make a decision on your skills and abilities.

       4. Networking Skills

Landing video production jobs in Columbia is largely about your ability to network. Your networking skills must show that you’ve got what it takes to communicate.

It’s also important to network simply because this is your opportunity to get your name and your portfolio and skills out in front of a wider audience.

Many wonder, “how can I network without appearing as if I’m needy or desperate?” The answer — just be consistent! Network with those in the local Columbia film scene and show that you’ve got interest and that you’ve got skills that could be valuable to others in the space.

With time and persistence, you’ll get someone to bite!

       5. Work, Work, Work

You’re probably thinking, “how can I work, work, work, if I can’t get my foot in the door on the film sets in Columbia?” Landing video production jobs in Columbia is sometimes about your work experience and in order to gain valuable work experience, you might have to work part time, for free. If you do provide volunteer services or any type of free work, make sure that you:

  • Only offer services if you’ll gain valuable experience.
  • Are not being taken advantage of and that the work is valued.
  • That you can use your work experience to engage in new opportunities.

Landing video production jobs in Columbia will frequently come as a result of your volunteer activities, freelance work, and the exposure you have in the industry. Stay consistent, keep it going, and you’ll soon find yourself actively working the Columbia film industry with a large network of other filmmakers!

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