5 Social Media Video Marketing Statistics for 2023

Social media videos are all the rage. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are consistently flooded with video content and are likely to continue to see video at the top of the share list throughout the next year. In fact, we’re super excited about the new year and can’t wait to share these powerful social media video marketing statistics for 2023 with you!

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At Beverly Boy Productions, we are constantly encouraging brands to get more involved in producing videos for social media. They’re the top shared form of content, have the power to increase your reach and grow your brand, and are a huge win for consumers.

In fact, we think many of these social media video marketing statistics for 2023 are exactly what you need to hear in order to make the decision to add more social media videos to your marketing mix in 2023.

1. Video Is Twice As Likely to be Shared on Social Media

That’s right, if you produce a video and you produce a written blog post that has the exact same content in it, and you post both of them on you social media platforms, which will get shared? The video of course!

The written post will almost certainly not gain much in the form of reach, likes, shares, or interaction. But the video … the video will get shared and it will get liked and commented on and it will produce a strong following for your brand!

That’s because video is twice as likely to be shared on social media versus any other form of content. Pictures, written posts, and all other forms of content come second to video!

2. Social Media Posts with Video Have 50% more Views.

According to a study conducted by HubSpot, social media posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram that include video have 50% more views than posts that do not include video.

Now think about the first of our social media video marketing statistics for 2023 which stated that videos are twice as likely to be shared. Now think about the fact that posts with videos have more views. So…a single video post can equate to more shares and move views!

How can you go wrong?

3. Social Video Generates 12X more shares than text and images combined.

According to a study conducted by WordStream, social video content generates up to 12 times more shares than text and images combined.

So, a single video posted on social media can greatly increase your reach and if you reach the right audience with your video there is potential for you to increase sales, conversions, and interaction for your brand.

4. 88% of Instagram Marketers Say Video is Successful for Them.

horizontal view of instagram

We see social media video marketing statistics for 2023 stating all kinds of different facts, but this one certainly stands out.

Marketers report great success using Instagram video. In fact, 88% state that adding video content to Instagram resulted in an increased ROI and higher conversions for their brand.

Marketers claim Instagram is the most successful for their video content followed by other social media platforms.

5. 73% of Consumers Admit Social Media Influence.

Still not sure if the addition of social media videos is the right choice for your brand?

Considering all the other social media video marketing statistics for 2023 that we’ve listed and the fact that 73% of consumers admit social media influencing their purchase decisions, how could you go wrong with video?

You really can’t! The addition of video content to your social media marketing has the power to increase your reach, grow your brand, and drive sales — so just do it!

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