5 Reasons to Focus on Social Video Production in 2023

Social platforms, like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and now TikTok have gained strong traction over recent years. And, social media has been a trend that businesses and brands are heavily focused on as a result. While there’s no question as to the fact that social video production is an important part of any marketing strategy, 2023 gives way to a number of new opportunities. We’ve got several reasons why you should focus on social video production in 2023 to help you find the value in this opportunity.

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1. Social Media Increases Exposure

If you want to increase exposure for your business, investing in social media video production is important.

Anyone that’s logged into Facebook, Instagram or any other social platform in recent years knows the value that comes from social video content — they’ve seen it first hand themselves.

The introduction of social media videos to your business pages can be used to greatly increase exposure for your brand. 

2. Social Media Increases Engagement

Social video production is an opportunity for your business to increase engagement for your brand.

Not only do social videos increase engagement, but they are almost always certain to drive stronger interaction for your brand than any other form of content.

In fact, videos that are posted on social media get up to 10 times more engagement. Additionally, videos are shared at least twice as often as written content.

Shares, views, and engagement are what your brand needs to succeed.

3. Social Video is Gaining Dramatic Popularity

If you’re not sure whether or not social video production  is for you, consider the fact that people are widely interested in social media.

The fact of the matter is, social video is gaining so much popularity in recent years that brands are flocking to social platforms to gain traction. Consumers admit that social videos drive their behaviors.

Statistics prove that videos is popular among all social channels that provide it. And even after COVID there was a 40% increase in social video usage which continues to grow via platforms like Facebook Live and Instagram Live.

4. Social Media Draws Gen Z Attention

Social video production is a must for any brands that want to influence Generation Z.

Generation Z audiences actually look to social media to get information, to learn about products and services, and to come to terms with the products and services they are interested in purchasing.

We’ve seen on TikTok and many other platforms, social media videos are the driving force for those between the ages of 18 and 24 years old.

5. Social Video Production has Wide Reach

You want to reach consumers on multiple platforms, you need social video production. Social media videos have some of the widest reach of any style or type of content.

Additionally, when you post content to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you’re boosting your chances of extreme reach via these platforms. Further, many posts are shared from one platform to another, further expanding your reach. 

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