7 Industries Using Professional Product Promotion Videos

On average, consumers watch more than 100 minutes of video online each day and that figure is expected to continue to rise as the internet continues to grow. It’s no surprise then, that brands are following consumer interests and including a variety of different types of video content, including professional product promotion videos, in their day-to-day marketing and advertising initiatives in anticipation of increased consumer interest and reach for their brand. 

Professional product promotion videos can be used by a variety of different industries to increase awareness of products, pique consumer interest and generate more sales. These types of videos are particularly valuable for industries where products are difficult to explain or potentially challenging for a consumer to fully understand without a visual representation of features, special benefits, or potential uses. Check out these industries that are using professional product promotion videos in their marketing and advertising plans.

  1. PR Firms

Public relations businesses are likely to include professional product promotion videos in their marketing campaigns to help address the specific details of their business including the promotion of the specific products they offer online. Many PR Firms provide software solutions as part of their public relations support services and they use product promotion videos to help explain the products and provide key details on use cases and specific needs.

  1. Manufacturing Businesses

The use of professional product promotion videos by manufacturing businesses is a growing trend that 81% of marketers state they’re already working in. More than any other industry, manufacturing business owners know the value of video and the importance of incorporating professional product promotion videos into their campaigns. They use these videos to promote unique product offers, details, and features including visuals that help to drive home the value proposition for the brand.

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  1. Finance Firms

Finance products are particularly difficult for consumers to understand which is why professional product promotion videos are ideal for this industry. Banking institutions, mortgage brokers and others in the finance industry find that the use of product promotion videos can help consumers more quickly and easily come to terms with the products that they provide and the benefits or potential value that comes from their use. This brings customers up to speed and prepares them for future branding initiatives and goals.

  1. Healthcare 

telemedicine marketing services

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing and most stable industries in the world. It’s also one of the most difficult to fully understand and the most complex. This is probably why many professional product promotion videos are produced for healthcare businesses in order to help consumers understand everything from complex health products to difficult to understand insurance coverages and other products provided by doctors, specialists, and others in the health and wellness industry.

  1. Hospitality

While you might not immediately think of the hospitality industry as having products to promote on video, it’s important to really think carefully about all the different areas of this industry. Hospitality industry includes hotel, bed and breakfasts, small brands that operate private eateries or food locations, and a variety of other fields of interest. Throughout it all, the hospitality industry includes professional product promotion videos as part of their overall campaigns and as a means of explaining some of the most complex products that they provide to consumers through the use of eye-catching visuals and aids.

  1. Construction & Real Estate 

Although the construction and real estate industry are not technical the same, they go hand in hand and both are jam packed with products and potential needs. Real estate and construction utilize professional product promotion videos to help deliver information to consumers about their upcoming builds or to assist in offering property tours. Many real estate and construction brand owners are utilizing video to help them effectively deliver pertinent information about properties, their locations, and their key features to consumers.

  1. Ecommerce

The ecommerce industry is probably one of the biggest industries to utilize professional product promotion videos. This industry uses these videos in order to promote their products on sales pages, landing pages and their website as well as in their email campaigns. Additionally, ecommerce stores will utilize product promotion videos to help consumers understand special features of their products or to compare their products side-by-side with other competitors. They also use them to show off the lifestyle or particular personas behind their products. Instead of just showing off their products, professional product promotion videos are used by the ecommerce industry to  create hype and boost consumer knowledge around an industry or brand.

As you can see, these 7 industry have nailed video marketing. Not only are professional promotion videos used for a variety of uses throughout each of these industry, but many of these industry have found that promotional videos are not the only focus. They also utilize branded video content to help them reach more consumers with their messaging and to ensure they achieve success with their marketing and advertising campaigns.

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