10 Benefits of Hiring a Boston, Massachusetts Production Company

At Beverly Boy Productions, our clients know they can trust us when they want to work with a reliable Boston, Massachusetts production company. As a city that is rich in history, with fascinating museums like the Museum of Fine Arts, and plenty of fun things to do, it’s a happening place that will work perfectly for any professional video production that you may have in mind. Here are the top 10 reasons to hire a Boston, Massachusetts production company:

  1. Museum of Fine ArtsBoston, Massachusetts Production Company

From Frida Kahlo exhibits to unique programs and collections, there are several reasons why you would want to consider how the Museum of Fine Arts could work for your project with a Boston production studio. With plenty of programs to enjoy, that range from art to film, it’s a fitting background for any kind of brand campaign or project with one of Boston’s top production companies.

  1. Boston National Historical ParkBoston, Massachusetts Production Company

How about learning more about the history of the United States? The Boston National Historical park is the ideal destination for doing just that. The Boston’s Freedom Trail is made up of sites that are important to our country’s history. The park isn’t just one place though, as it is made up of several different places that were important to the American Revolution. Many of them are found along the Freedom Trail.

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  1. ClimateBoston, Massachusetts Production Company

As you consider filming with production companies in Boston, you may want to understand the weather in the city. Like many places in the northeast, winters bring plenty of snow and cold temperatures to the Boston area. Summer temperatures reach around 80-degrees and our quite comfortable. Wet season is typically in the winter. While there may be some challenges filming with a Boston, Massachusetts production company in the cold season, a professional video company will know how to work around climate issues.

The Weather Channel hired us to film this video production in Boston covering a record snow fall season.

  1. Boston Public GardenBoston, Massachusetts Production Company

This garden is a beautiful haven in the middle of the city. Full of beautiful flowers and plants and trails for walking with a friend or your pet, Boston Public Garden isn’t only a gorgeous place to relax, it’s also an excellent option for filming with a Boston camera crew. Did you know that this was the first public botanical garden in the country?

  1. Franklin Park ZooBoston, Massachusetts Production Company

This zoo offers plenty of opportunity for fun for those who love animals. From behind the scenes tours to breakfast with animals, there are many fun experiences to be had at this great spot in Boston. From events like St. Patrick celebrations to getting to know more about the animals with the local zookeepers, this zoo is not only ideal for capturing footage with a production team, it’s full of activities to do.

  1. FoodBoston, Massachusetts Production Company

Boston is full of great options for food, from unique Chinese cuisine to fabulous seafood. Whatever kind of food makes your mouth water, when you need a break from filming with the best video production company in town, consider restaurants like:

  1. Dakzen: New to the scene, this Thai restaurant is capturing many people with delectable dishes that will make your mouth water. Whether you are a Thai food aficionado or you’re trying it out for the first time, everything from tom yum noodle soup to ba mee moo dang is delicious here.
  2. Giulia: If you like classic yet impressive Italian fare, you’ll be sure to love what Michael Pagliarini cooks up at this local favorite!
  3. Celeste: For those who love a pisco sour every now and then or a delectable ceviche, Celeste is one of the favorites of the Somerville Union Square area. Definitely a must when taking a break with your production crew.

Our clients say it best! Dusti describes her experience working with Team Beverly Boy Boston!

  1. Battleship Cove Naval Ship MuseumBoston, Massachusetts Production Company

Located in Fall River, Battleship Cove is where one can find some incredible historic naval ships. From the Destroyer Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. to the Submarine Lionfish, this museum is one of a kind and worth visiting for anyone who wants to enjoy things like recreational boating or even throw a party in the Cove area.

  1. HistoryBoston, Massachusetts Production Company

Boston is one of the most important cities to have played a part in American history. This was where the American Revolution thanks to the story of the Boston Tea Party that you may be familiar with. While Boston didn’t become the transportation hub it eventually came to be until 1800, it has since become one of the most important American cities in terms of industrial power. Boston was originally called Trimountaine.

  1. PermitsBoston, Massachusetts Production Company

The city of Boston does require filming permits, especially if you want to do a major production with a top Boston, Massachusetts production company. Before you can know what kind of permits you should get, you’ll need to present plans and have them reviewed by the city.

  1. New England AquariumBoston, Massachusetts Production Company

For those who love anything from penguins to marine life, the New England Aquarium is a favorite. With great exhibits and a lot to do, it’s the ideal backdrop for your work with a local Boston production crew. From fur seals to green sea turtles, there is a little bit of something for you to admire when visiting the New England Aquarium.

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