Top Ideas for Product Launch Videos for a Successful Launch

Successfully launching a new product is something that many entrepreneurs take for granted. Those that have dealt with the burdens of a new product launch realize just how important it is to introduce the product in just the right way. Whenever you introduce a new product, the product launch videos you use could make the different in whether the launch is a success or a failure. We’ve got a few ideas for product launch videos that you can consider before you’re your next product launch.

  1. The Product Story

Behind every great product is an even better story! Leveraging the art of storytelling, you can generate an aware and very intelligent crowd that is interested in your product from the very beginning. Sharing your product’s story in video allows you to:

  • Develop a strong sense of foundation for the product.
  • Show off where your product comes from and why.
  • Introduce the details behind your product.
  • Incorporate personal touches into your product launch.
  • Generate buzz around specific elements of your product’s history.

People love to hear about how entrepreneurs persevered, pushed through, and came out on top. If you’ve got a product to share that includes a background story like that, then you’ve got yourself a winning idea for the product launch videos you product for your brand.

  1. The Behind-the-Scenes Product Insight

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What was it like for your product to be produced behind the scenes? If you’ve got a compelling story about your product and what it was like for it to be created or what the people that are involved in the production of your product are like, consumers want to know! Producing a behind-the-scenes product insight video that showcases your product will help consumers feel connected to your brand and prepared to take action.

Product launch videos like this don’t have to be long. Generally, just 1-2 minutes is fully sufficient for a product launch video like this. All you really need is some insight into the creation of the product, those who helped in the production of the product, and any insight into the roadblocks or potential issues that could have derailed your product launch so that you can generate a sense of underlying issues that almost prevented your product from being seen through.

  1. Live Product Launch Videos

Want to launch a new product on live broadcast? Even if you’re not exactly in love with the idea, we bet your consumers will be! Consumers love the idea of product launch videos that show off live insights into the new product, how new products are used and what new products are for. In fact, many marketers admit that they leverage the use of live video for a host of new product launch events and similar opportunities for their consumers. 

According to recent studies, live video is the chosen method for many consumers and the decision to launch a new product via a live video feature is incredibly valuable to marketers. Brands can achieve greater audience interaction, and stronger overall leads on some social media platforms over others. If you’re thinking about producing product launch videos via a livestream on a chosen social platform of your choice, it will be very important to do your homework first to find out where your audience is spending the most time.

  1. The YouTube Product Unboxing Reveal

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Nothing says new product launch video like a YouTube live product unboxing reveal. While these videos look like they don’t take a whole lot of effort to produce, you might be surprised to find that there is actually a lot more that goes into the production of these videos that you would think. However, a great product unboxing video is an excellent way for any brand to consider a new product launch.

New Product launch videos, like the unboxing videos that revealed more than 20M views on a single video in 2017, certainly have their place in the marketing and advertising world. Brands that are most interested in the production of a new product launch video that utilizes this format of unboxing should prepare to work with a professional to ensure they gather enough footage and from all the best angles to ensure a full unbox without any interruptions can be produced.

  1. Animated Product Launch

Product launch videos that are animated are almost as popular as any other style or type of product launch and yet they continue to be one of the most prominently produced. These videos show off the key details of your product while accentuating the features that are most prominent or most important. The use of animated product launch videos is incredibly important particularly for technical products or for products that have features and specific uses that are difficult to display without the use of animation.

Want to learn more about product launch videos for a successful new product introduction? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call today!

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