Every Ecommerce Brand Needs a Product Video for Instagram

Experts believe that 82% of all internet traffic is related to video content already and the expectation is that as social media trends continue to rise and the popularity of video continues to grow, so too will the level of total internet traffic that is video related. If you’re running an ecommerce business that sells products online, creating a product video for Instagram is something that you really can’t afford to overlook, especially if you want to get in on part of that 82% of all internet traffic. Every ecommerce brand needs a product video for Instagram, and here’s why.

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Product Videos Increase Sales

Not only on social media, but across the internet in general, product videos increase sales. Statistics have proven that using a product video for Instagram marketing will help you to increase your sales by up to 80% or more. In a single study alone, 30% of Instagram users stated that they had purchased a product immediately after they discovered it via an Instagram video.

Social media has certainly influenced produce sales for businesses that choose to utilize the various platforms to their marketing advantage. Every ecommerce brand that sells a product online has the potential to benefit from producing a product video for Instagram. Whether you sell clothing or shoes, cooking equipment or housewares, there is a place for you on Instagram.

Instagram Video Posts have 2 Times the Engagement

If you’re an ecommerce brand that’s been trying to actively engage various forms of content for your business to improve consumer engagement and interest in your brand, producing product video for Instagram is an important step.  These videos have the capacity to increase engagement by 2 times over a traditional marketing medium such as a still image or written blog post that you share.

A recent study found that when videos were posted as part of sponsored ads on Instagram, the overall engagement was 3 times higher than other posts. In other studies, particularly those conducted outside of Instagram, it was found that posting video could result in up to 1200% higher reach than any other type of content.

Marketers Prefer Instagram Product Videos 

Ask any marketer whether they are satisfied with the product video for Instagram that they’ve introduced or if they’re happy overall with their social media video marketing, and 99% will tell you that they are incredibly happy with their video marketing campaigns on social media. In fact, most marketer prefer to promote their products on Instagram with video according to a recent study which proved 65% of marketers turn to video as their primary means of marketing on the ‘Gram.

Marketers prefer product videos on Instagram likely for a variety of reasons including:

  • Product videos are ideal for launching new products or for introducing past products.
  • Product videos act like short commercials for the brand, sharing highlights and key points about the product that a consumer might otherwise not understand.
  • Product videos provide limited time access to unique product features or interested offers that may interest consumers.
  • Product videos provide insights into the business or brand.

Product Videos are Increasingly Swiped by Users

The swipe up is a relatively new conversion point that has been added by Instagram to promote the sale of products via video posts. Users are increasingly choosing to swipe on videos that they see on Instagram stories and in reals where the option to swipe is made available. In fact, out of the nearly 1B stories created daily, a fraction has the potential to be swiped, although that fraction is ever growing. Statistically, 70% of consumers have turned to the swipe as a way of accessing a product that is being promoted.

Some brands won’t have access to the use of product swipe though. If you’re finding that you want to use product video for Instagram in a swipe-up pattern or manner, and you do not have the feature available, it’s likely due to the fact that your account lacks the amount of following required. 

NOTE: Instagram announced that it intends to retire the swipe up despite the love that many brands and businesses have for the feature. Story swipe ups will no longer be active in the coming months.

Increase Reach, Interest & Sales with a Product Video for Instagram

Brands vary tremendously from one to the next, just as their products and services do, too. If you’re operating a business that could benefit from increased reach, stronger audience interest, and more product sales on Instagram, then you can benefit from producing a product video For Instagram. Short-form product videos that showcase your brand on Instagram are an ideal way of building your audience awareness and generating stronger reach for your brand.

Beverly Boy Productions can help you create a product video for Instagram that will make your business or brand stand out and generate more sales. Whether it’s something you’re just now considering, or you have created product videos for Instagram in the past and had some success for your brand, Beverly Boy Productions can help you improve your brand’s reach, interest, and experience with a simple video. Give us a call to learn more!  

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