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How to Write a Script Outline for a Short Video

Writing a script for any video has similar processes – you prepare, write, edit, rewrite, deliver. However, when creating a short video, there is absolutely no room for the words and visuals to not add value. Every single second must be captivating and well-planned in order to make the most out of the 60-seconds or less that you have on the screen. We’re showing you how to write a script outline for a short video that will engage your audience and generate conversions.

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Step 1: Be Brief

The first step to a successful short video is to keep the script brief. A long script will deliver a long video. Shorter scripts are likely to result in shorter videos. The actual length of the script depends on the audience you are targeting and the information you intend to deliver.

Details about your audience, message, purpose, and tone will be included in your video brief. As you write the video brief, be sure to include all key relevant data that will be used to bring your story to the screen.

Step 2: Deliver the Message with Storytelling

Not only should your short video script outline the story that you will use to deliver your message, but it should also deliver the key message in the first 5 seconds or less. Delivering the message in the very beginning ensures that your audience will know what they should be paying the most attention to throughout the video.

Step 3: Speak to the Audience

Your story should deliver the core message to the audience in a way that resonates with them. As you deliver the message, make sure you are speaking to the audience. Use personal pronouns like “you” and “Your” rather than “them” or “their.” Speaking to your audience rather than about them or over them will ensure a closer connection.

Step 4: Use a Conversational Tone

The tone you use to speak to the audience will make a major impact on your short video. You should speak to your audience in a conversational tone.

Write realistic dialogue that uses conversational elements that viewers can connect with. Also pay attention to the tempo, pace and style of the dialogue in your script.

Step 5: Consider Humor

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Not all short videos can include humor but many can, especially if it is used sparingly and with good judgment. Humor should be supportive of the core message and it should fit seamlessly within the script. Poorly delivered humor can break a script. It shouldn’t be forced, misrepresented or misplaced. Further, it may be difficult to include humor in the written script but you may consider delivering it through visual animations. Just remember that any use of humor must be done in good taste.

Step 6: Keep the Pace

Once your script has been written, practice it out loud several times making adjustments to the style, tone, narration and any other key parts. Monitor the time to ensure your video will remain the appropriate length for your needs.

A short video script should generally be 1 or 2 pages at most but many factors can result in modifications to this general idea. If you pace yourself and find the script is to short, consider additional elements that can be added to improve the key message but again, you don’t want anything to seem forced.

An expert written short script is better than any poorly written script, any day. If you need help writing a script outline for a short video, contact Team Beverly Boy today at 888-462-7808 to get started.

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