title quick steps to using video content to increase sales

Quick Steps to Using Video Content to Increase Sales

Businesses have been using video content to increase sales for decades. That’s what commercial advertisements are all about really. However, today’s video content marketing channels are much more diverse and there are a plethora of different opportunities to create leads and drive consumers to purchase products online. Video content has more power than ever before to increase sales when done right. Follow these quick steps to using video content to increase sales for your business.



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Step 1: Create Video Content for Brand Awareness

At the top of the funnel, consumers are becoming more aware of your products or services. This is the point where the consumer may not even fully realize that they have a problem that requires your product or service as a solution. Instead, at this point in the funnel, consumers are just starting to find interest in the brands that are available to them. Your brand may or may not be one of them.

The goal here is to create video content that will drive the consumer to recognize your brand and become aware of the potential impact that your products or services could have on them. Video content that boosts brand awareness is broad and, while it should have an emotional impact, it really isn’t about pushing products or services as this point.

Various types of video content work in step one. For instance, you can use how-to videos that help consumers learn how processes work or how to fix problems. Entertaining or informing video content is also great at this stage. Whatever the video is, make sure there is a persuasive call to action that exists toward the end of the video and encourages the viewer to take the next step.

Step 2: Create Video Content for Decision Makers

As consumers evaluate your brand and consider it for their particular problem, they need to see content that reinforces their understanding of your brand and what it can offer them. This is the point in the funnel where consumers are starting to make up their minds about the products or services that are available to them and which may be helpful specifically to their needs.

Various types of video content work great in step 2 including product demos that explain further the benefits of various products and services, or customer testimonials and case studies that prove the ability for a particular product to help with a certain element or problem. Just like in step 1, any content that you deliver in Step 2 should include a strong call to action that encourages the consumer to enter the final funnel stage–the purchase stage.

Step 3: Create Buying Stage Content

content for buyers

Once you have pushed the consumer toward the purchase stage, you need to provide content that will help them to see the value of your product or service once and for all. Buying sage content improves sales by delivering videos that help the consumer to fully understand a product or service and feel as if they can make a sound purchase decision on the item.

Video content at this stage of the purchase cycle includes advertisements such as commercials as well as FAQ-style videos that help consumers understand exactly how a product or service works. Instructional videos are highly effective at this stage. As you produce videos for this stage of the funnel, make sure that any end call to action you include is short and to the point.

Videos created at this stage of the funnel have the greatest power to increase sales. Focus on delivering the best customer service and answering all questions at this point to encourage the consumer to convert.

Ready to create video content for each stage of the purchase cycle? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We can’t wait to help you create top-notch video content that drives sales for your brand.

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