What’s Included in a Sales Funnel Video Pitch?

What’s Included in a Sales Funnel Video Pitch?

Producing video content that can be used to build awareness, increase consumer understanding of your products or services, and encourage them to purchase from your brand is key to a winning marketing strategy. In fact, including video in your sales funnel can help you to boost conversions for your business and it can even help you to retain more customers. However, if you’re new to producing a sales funnel video pitch, you’re probably wondering what to include?

Deciding what to include in a sales funnel video pitch depends largely on where the video will be shared, and it also kind of depends on what stage of the sales funnel the pitch video will be incorporated into. Naturally, if you’re pitching your business at the awareness stage of the sales funnel, the details are going to be much different and more generic than if you were pitching at the very bottom of the sales funnel to customers that have already purchased products or services from you.

To help you understand what to include in a video pitch at each stage of the sales funnel, we’ve put together this quick guide. To learn more about producing a sales funnel video pitch, give Beverly Boy Productions a call! We’ll help you pitch your idea at any stage of the sales funnel for maximum awareness, consumer understanding, and conversions!

What to Include in an Awareness Stage Sales Funnel Video Pitch

If you’re pitching at the awareness stage, you’re trying to reach an audience that is totally new to your products, services, or business. They don’t know much about you or your offering so they’re really not even sure at this point that they need whatever it is that you provide. Pitching your products or services at this point wouldn’t be effective, because your audience doesn’t realize yet that they NEED your products or services. Therefore, your sales funnel video pitch, at the awareness stage, should include:

At this point, the audience probably isn’t aware of your business. While they might realize they have a problem, they don’t realize that you have a solution. 

What to Include in a Consideration Stage Sales Funnel Video Pitch

Pitching at the consideration stage is a bit more focused than what you saw in the awareness stage. At this point, the audience does realize they have a problem and they have found your business that offers the solution. The thing is, they’ve also found other businesses or brands that also provide similar solutions that could potentially solve their problem. So the customer is trying to figure out whether to choose you, or your competitor, for their particular situation. They’re considering their options.

At this stage, they need to see content that is going to pitch the perfect product solution to their problem. They need to see:

  • Comparative videos that show side-by-side comparisons of your products or services vs the competition.
  • Product overview videos which detail the unique features and benefits of your product.
  • How-to videos that show the consumer how to use products or services.

This is the point where the customer is aware of the products or services available to them, and they’re considering all of the options.

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What to Include in the Decision Stage Sales Funnel Video Pitch

Creating a video pitch for the decision stage of your sales funnel is really where the heavy hitting begins. This is your chance to guide the consumer towards making a decision to purchase from your business, so you really need to hammer home the benefits and value that you’re offering! At this point, the customer has weighed their options and they’ve come very close to deciding to purchase from you, all you need is to give them a little bit more to go on and you’ll seal the deal. 

The customer is actually ready to hear your pitch finally, so your sales funnel video pitch should prompt the following details:

  • Share testimonials from past customers to prove that people love your products or services.
  • Share special offer videos and commercials that promote a discount or some other encouragement to purchase.
  • Make sure your videos contain a call to action that asks for support! Whatever you’re trying to sell at this point should be a no-brainer for the customer!

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What to Include in a Retention Stage Sales Funnel Video Pitch

Once you’ve converted the target prospect into a paying customer it’s time to keep them satisfied. You can’t be pitching to customers the way you pitch to prospects, it doesn’t work! So at this stage of the cycle, you need to be pitching new products and services, additional offers, up-sells, and unique features or elements relative to the products or services your customer already owns. This way, your customer gets the most out of their purchase so that they are not only satisfied, but maybe they’ll even consider supporting you by providing a review or testimonial of their own!

At this stage, you want to pitch frequent use of your products or services, sharing of products and services, and ongoing support of your business or brand. You have to recall that your sales funnel doesn’t end just because you’ve converted the customer, in fact, keeping your customer happy is even more important than everything that lead up to this point!

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