What Goes Into a Business Pitch Video? 

Pitching a startup business or idea to potential investors is one of the most important steps you’ll take toward building your business or brand. A great business pitch video has the capacity to not only showcase all of the important details surrounding your business idea, but to grasp the attention of the investor and compel them to support your startup. However, figuring out what to include in a business pitch video that you’re creating can be particularly challenging, especially if you’ve never created a business pitch before.

If you include too much detail, you run the risk of overwhelming your investor or boring them with the facts before they’ve had a chance to really consider your idea. Likewise, if you don’t include the details that investors are most interested in, you run the risk of losing their attention all together. So how do you know exactly what to include in a business pitch video, and what to leave for another conversation?

The easiest way to make a great first impression on investors is to work closely with a film production company that has a background in pitch video production and understands business financing and funding. This way, you can bet that your business pitch will be delivered with great care and that everything that should be included will make it into the final cut.

To help you understand what goes into a business pitch video, we’ve put together a list of some of the most important topics to cover.

  1. Who You Are & What Your Business Idea Is

An introduction that includes information about who you are and what your business is will be crucial to your business pitch video. This is your opportunity to not only explain yourself, but to build up your story. Don’t just introduce yourself by your name, introduce yourself as the individual that is most suited to this type of business because you have the knowledge, background, or firsthand experience to start a business that offers a particular solution to a specific audience.

What is it that makes you an authority on the subject relative to your business? Why should an investor feel comfortable working with you? What can you provide that is innovative, unique or otherwise potentially profitable that a competitor can’t offer? As you introduce who you are and what your business idea is, you should be thinking about how your story should resonate with your target audience and what about your story will make the investor want to support your idea?

  1. Who Your Business will Serve

Who is your target audience or ideal client or customer? This is your chance to show not only that you’ve got an audience, but that you’ve done your homework and you understand your audience.  A business pitch video must prove to your potential investors that your business has a market. Investors want to know who you’ll market to, what their pain points are, and how your product, service, or business is positioned to offer a solution to those pain points. Thorough understanding of your target audience is vital to your pitch.

  1. What Does Your Business Do?

What makes your startup different from the completion? What is it that your business is going to do better than any other business or brand? A great business pitch video is going to address consumer pain points up close and personal by explaining exactly what it is that the business will do and how that helps a specific audience. You can’t just tell investors that your business is going to work, you need to show them. 

Use your pitch video to showcase exactly how your business idea came about and what it is that makes your business so special. You also should include supportive data and details that will help the investors to see the value in your idea. If your business is going to do the same thing another business does, how are you going to do it better, for less, or with more value? This is your unique selling point (USP) and it’s absolutely vital to your success!

  1. What is Your Fundraising Goal & Where will the Funds Go?

Finally, a great business pitch video is going to have a goal attached. Whether your goal is to raise $5K or $500K, your investor will want to know what the goal is and how you intend to use the funding if you reach your goal. Don’t just state the obvious, that you’re going to use funds to start the business, you need to have detailed information about your goal and potential spending.

How do you intend to utilize the investment funding if you’re able to raise the money you’re asking for? It’s a good idea not only to include this information in your pitch but to show in graph form or otherwise, a visual representation of funding that you’ve already raised, where your goal is, and what you’re doing to get there. 

Including these important details in your business pitch video will help you to answer any key questions that investors might have about your business idea so that they can make an educated decision as to whether or not they want to support your business. 

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