How to Create the Perfect Event Sponsorship Sales Pitch Video

Potential sponsors are almost always looking for opportunities for event sponsorship that they can feel hyped up about and proud to be a part of. They often find video to be the ideal means of learning about nearby events and sponsorship opportunities that might meet their needs or potential desires to engage and support. Learn how you can create the perfect event sponsorship sales pitch video to reach sponsors who are potentially interested in supporting your upcoming event so that the next time you hold an event, you’ll have all the support you need!

Money doesn’t grow on trees, after all. So, if you’re going to be hosting events on a regular basis, then you’re probably going to need some support from outside sponsors and independent entities that are willing to help you see the event through. Asking for financial assistance, though necessary, can be particularly challenging. But, with an event sponsorship sales pitch video, you can ask for the funding you need from potential investors.

Before you produce your video, consider the following:

  • Who your target audience is. Don’t just approach anyone and everyone with the idea of sponsoring your event. You should have a pre-defined “ideal” sponsor and this is who you should be creating content for!
  • Be considerate when sending event sponsorship sales pitch video content to prospects. The video should be short, informative, and engaging. 3 minutes or less is ideal!
  • Make it easy for the prospect to follow through. Whether it’s adding a linked support button, phone call button, or something else to the video, the idea is that if someone decides “YES” they want to sponsor your event, it should be just a click or a call away!

Sponsors are the lifeblood of big events, so it’s very important that you not only speak to their needs, but that you have respect for their time too. Including pertinent information about the event in an easy to follow, short and concise video shows your sponsor that you value them and their time.

Explain What’s in It for Them

Event sponsorship is really about building awareness for the sponsor. Most of the time, that’s why a sponsor is willing to invest in or otherwise support an event. Therefore, your #1 goal, is to answer this question in your video, “What’s in it for me?” That’s ultimately what event sponsors what to know when they watch an event sponsorship sales pitch video, so anything you can do to deliver early and succinctly is important.

This means, mentioning the following notable details that are important to sponsors:

  • The projected number of event attendees. This is the reach for the sponsor, so any information you have, include past event attendee data, can help the sponsor see the value in supporting your event.
  • Notable presenters or speakers as well as a brief overview of their expertise, background, or social following. Again, sponsors want to know what is drawing attendees to the event.
  • Fundraising data from past events, as this helps the sponsor to determine on their own how much value others placed on the event. 

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Be Very Specific with the Details

In addition to answering the “what’s in it for me?” question, every event sponsorship sales pitch video must include very specific details about the event itself. It’s important to answer any questions a potential sponsor may have in your pitch including:

  • Whether the event is in-person, virtual, or hybrid.
  • What the purpose or goal of the event is. 
  • Why people should attend the event & why they will.
  • What makes you or your organization a credible organizer for the event?

Your prospective sponsor is also going to want answers in regards to any logistics involved in the production of the event including:

  • The exact dates and times.
  • Where and when the event will take place.
  • Keynote speakers of the event.
  • Broadcasting plans and technology that will be used.

This information is going to help the prospective supporter to not only see whether you have thoroughly planned the event, but also to see whether it is truly the type of event that makes sense for them to support. 

Create a Sense of Urgency

One of the ways that you can gain sponsor support with your event sponsorship sales pitch video is through the creation of a sense of urgency among the prospective sponsor. By forming various sponsorship categories, and having only 1 sponsor for each level or category, you create a sense of urgency that, pitched right, will have the sponsor really deeply considering whether or not they want to support the event. 

If you decide to have tiered sponsorship or levels that create that sense of urgency among your sponsor prospects, make sure that you are clear to the sponsor that each level of support has only one sponsor and be prepared to explain to the prospect why you think they’re the right sponsor for the level. This is your opportunity to show you’ve done your homework before pitching a prospective sponsor for the support of your event!

Following these steps, and working closely with the help of a professional film production company, you can create the perfect event sponsorship sales pitch video that will grab your prospective sponsor’s attention and deliver the details they need in order to walk away feeling positive about their decision to sponsor your event. For help creating the video, give Beverly Boy Productions a call. Our crews have decades of experience and specialize in the production of sponsorship videos for events worldwide!

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