Don’t Make These 5 Crowdfunding Pitch Video Mistakes!

Don’t Make These 5 Crowdfunding Pitch Video Mistakes!

Producing a crowdfunding pitch video to support your campaigns is generally a great idea. People love video and they spend upwards of 100 minutes per day watching online. So in theory, if you’re producing crowdfunding pitch videos to elevate your campaigns and generate stronger hype, you’re on the right track. That is, of course, unless you find your videos aren’t performing as expected. In that case, it’s possible that you’re making one of these Crowdfunding pitch video mistakes!

Video has the capacity to help you achieve great success with your crowdfunding campaigns, but it can also be damaging if you’re making certain mistakes along the way. We’re here to show you how to maximize your success with Crowdfunding by ensuring your pitch videos follow the top professional practices and procedures.

  1. Producing a Pitch that’s Too Long

The average Crowdfunding pitch videos are well under 5 minutes, most are in the range of 3 minutes actually. So, if you’re producing a pitch video that’s over 5 minutes long, you’re probably making a big mistake! Most audiences simply are not going to stick around that long, especially not to learn about a business or brand they’ve never heard about before! 

You’re better off in a situation in which the audience has questions after the video than to have so much information contained in the video that it runs significantly over the scheduled length and tacks on extra time unnecessarily. Audience attention spans are really short and they’re hard to maintain. Keeping your crowdfunding pitch video short and to the point will help you to keep your audience engaged to the end.

  1. Boring Your Audience

video too long

Certainly you can’t please everyone, but many make the mistake of trying to please everyone and in the process they actually satisfy nobody. Boring your audience is a killer mistake to make for your video content. Instead, try to do your best to keep your audience engaged and entertained. To prevent boredom during your pitch consider the following:

  • Keep the pitch relatively fast-paced.
  • Deliver information concisely and be clear.
  • Change the camera frame and use excellent composition to keep your audience engaged.
  • Include plenty of live-action b-roll footage in your video for maximum visual support.

Most of all, make sure that you’re using all of the technology available with your video to engage your audience through visuals, graphics, animations, audio, and narration. 

  1. Producing a Pitch that Lacks Quality

A crowdfunding pitch that is produced with subpar video production skills and that lacks the quality that your competitors are putting into their pitches could leave you in the dust. Not only does poor quality hurt your campaign, it sends a message to investors that you don’t care or that you’re simply not skilled enough. You don’t want this kind of message to be sent, especially when you’re crowdfunding to raise investment funds for your project!

Producing a high quality crowdfunding pitch video is key to the overall success of your campaign and matters almost as much as the message contained within the video. If you aren’t a skilled video producer, we definitely recommend that you hire a professional to work with! This is very important as not only will it ensure you set the highest possible standards for the video you share with prospects, but it will also show that you mean business!

  1. Lack of Audience Targeting

You can’t please everyone! In fact, many new entrepreneurs quickly realize that in their effort to please everyone they meet, they end up pleasing nobody fully! Audience targeting is essential to your crowdfunding video campaign. If you don’t know your target audience, you run the risk of delivering content that really doesn’t resonate with anyone. 

Instead of jumping the gun, and producing a video that really lacks targeting, consider taking some time out ahead of the process to examine your audience and really take note of who it is you’re targeting. The more you know your audience, the better prepared you can be to target them with content that will touch their emotions and resonate with them, compelling them to support your project.

  1. Not Including a Targeted CTA

It should go without saying, your crowdfunding pitch video must include a call to action that encourages your audience to perform a specific task, like supporting your project by investing! However, so many entrepreneurs put together amazing video pitches, but they lack the punchline CTA that is really necessary to the process.

Now, you might be thinking that people who watch crowdfunding pitch videos already know what the purpose of the video is – it’s to get attention and attract investors. However, you would be surprised at how frequently these types of videos are shared on other platforms, outside the typical crowdfunding platform, and in doing so you don’t really know that your audience is already aware of what you expect from them. In fact, if we were to add a #6 mistake that is made in the creation of crowdfunding videos we would say that it’s assuming the audience already knows something! 

Instead of assuming the audience knows what you expect, include a targeted CTA that compels the audience to invest or otherwise support your project. Don’t forget it! 

What other mistakes do you see in the typical crowdfunding video pitch? 

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