Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Production Company

10 Things to Look for When Hiring a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Production Company

At Beverly Boy Productions, we know what you want in a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania production company. This city has several historic places, as well as great places to relax and eat at, making it a fun experience for both filming at and simply visiting. Here are 10 reasons to hire a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania production company:

  1. Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Want to find out more about the history of nature? The Carnegie Museum of Natural History won’t disappoint. The facade of the museum is truly impressive, making it a landmark that you’ll want to include in a local digital marketing campaign. The interior is full of collections of all types of artifacts and objects that help you to better understand the history of everything from plants to animals.

  1. Duquesne Incline

For a local commercial video production, you’ll want to include impressive sites of the city and the best place to get a beautiful panorama of Pittsburgh is the Duquesne Incline. If you’re working with a local Pittsburgh camera crew, they can help you to capture the best angles and footage of this amazing spot in the city. Best of all, when the sun goes down, you can be sure that you’ve never seen anything like it. It’s a breathtaking view and a historic site that is worth visiting.

  1. Climate

The weather in Pittsburgh isn’t going to be everyone’s favorite. It can be too cold during the winters with average highs of 38-degrees and lows of 23-degrees or lower, depending on the month. Winter can be a tough time to film your project with a local Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania production company, but as spring rolls around and turns into summer, you can expect better and more clearer days. With temperatures of around 83-degrees at the most, summer is a mild, yet warm time of the year for filming outdoors.

  1. The Strip District

A place that is always busy, the Strip District will entertain you, without a doubt. Full of art galleries and dining opportunities, it’s a busy place with a lot to see and do, which makes it work as a special location for your unique commercial video production. As a busy part of town, you may need a permit, but you can be sure that it’s worth it as the Strip District is one of the most iconic areas of Pittsburgh.

  1. Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Looking for greenery and flowers for your video production? Look no further than the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens where you’ll not only be able to admire an abundance of vibrant and colorful flowers, but you’ll love the Glass House found here. With events happening all the time and gardens that are so perfectly taken care of they look like they belong in a movie, this is the perfect location for your project with a Pittsburgh production studio.

  1. Food

Pittsburgh isn’t one to be left out from it’s northern neighbor, New York, and as such, you’ll discover a plethora of options for eats that will make you want to come back for more. As you start working on a project with a local Pittsburgh production crew, consider setting aside time to visit these favorite places in the city:

  1. Lorelei is a classy yet laid-back restaurant where you can enjoy amazing dishes while sipping on craft beers or delicious cocktails. From the delectable cheese spreads to the desserts made in house, you’ll find that the food here is not something that you will want to ignore.
  2. Need some pizza to feed the masses of your production team? Stop on by Driftwood Oven where you’ll get some great pizza varieties. Made from scratch with a variety of unique toppings, pizza lovers will not be disappointed.
  3. Want to have a different kind of breakfast? Consider visiting Pie for Breakfast where you can have some great tasting pie for breakfast, amongst other favorite breakfast foods like pancakes and more.


  1. PNC Park

A popular baseball park with views of the city skyline, a game at the PNC park is always a fun one, whether or not you’re a big fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates or just want to catch a game with a beautiful view behind it. Even better, PNC park is an iconic spot for filming a local brand campaign or capturing footage of the skyline with your Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania production company.

  1. History

Pittsburgh was actually spotted by George Washington during an expedition and a place that he considered to be ideal for a fort. The French, however, were the first ones to build a fort there, known as Fort Duquesne. When the French finished fighting the British, they abandoned the fort, while the Brits ended up building their own, calling it Fort Pitt. When the first settlers decided to make it their home, they ended up calling it Pittsburgh after Fort Pitt.

  1. Permits

If you plan on filming in a public place, from streets to sidewalks, you’ll need a permit to film in Pittsburgh. When it come to filming at any of the important historic sites, you’ll also want to make sure to find out what kind of permit you’ll need for the best video production experience. A local Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania production company will be able to help you through the process for a successful video production experience.

  1. The Andy Warhol Museum

Andy Warhol is world famous, thanks to his unique way of seeing life and his art. The Andy Warhol Museum is a favorite destination for those who love this artist’s work and as one of the most unique museums that showcases his art permanently, it’s a must-visit for those who consider him one of the greats. It’s an ideal place for your project with any one of the top production companies in Pittsburgh.

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