8 Traits to Look for in a Top Philadelphia Cinematographer

8 Traits to Look for in a Top Philadelphia Cinematographer

The Philadelphia film scene is competitive, upbeat, and fast-paced. Filmmakers must possess a positive attitude, attention to detail, and a confidence in their abilities and skills. These are just a few of the traits that we believe you should look for when considering a Philadelphia cinematographer. In addition to these traits, strength, stamina, and organization are equally important for success behind the camera. 

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If you’re looking to hire a Philadelphia cinematographer, consider the following 8 traits to be high up on the list of important factors to consider:

1. Positivity

Having a positive attitude and remaining optimistic about the way things take place on the film set is important for a Philadelphia cinematographer.

Remaining positive will help them not only to see value in some of the harder to understand interactions that take place on the set, but also to remain hopeful when challenges arise.

2. Attention to Detail

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Being meticulous is important in filmmaking. The slightest change in camera angle or in the movements that take place can result in huge changes to how the footage is perceived.

Great cinematographers are meticulous both on and off the film set.

3. Confidence

A Philadelphia cinematographer will have confidence in his or her ability to deliver the Director’s creative vision through the eyes of the camera.

Confidence is equally important in one’s ability to operate filmmaking equipment and gear, too!

4. Strength

Not just physical strength but mental strength.

A great Philadelphia cinematographer will have the strength to build up the emotions that are to be portrayed on the camera and can support others on the set as they perform.

5. Stamina

Long work hours in less than acceptable conditions are likely when working the film set in Philadelphia.

A cinematographer must have stamina in order to effectively stay strong and focused throughout the hard work that takes place on the set.

6. Organization

Not only do filmmakers have to organize their equipment and gear, they’ve got to organize their behaviors and activities to deliver the director’s vision on camera.

It takes a very organized individual to perform all of the different tasks required and within the appropriate time frame that is allotted on the set. 

7. Flexibility

Things frequently change on the film set. A great Philadelphia cinematographer must be flexible and willing to adapt as things change and as feedback from the Director comes into play. 

8. Resourcefulness

Lighting, audio, and camera gear requires a lot of different working parts.

It’s not uncommon for a Philadelphia cinematographer to find himself in a position where they must think outside the box, come up with something totally new and never before done, and do it all on the fly.

To say a level of resourcefulness is required would be an understatement!

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