Hosting an Online Video Conference to Deliver an Engaging Consumer Experience

A rise in internet use, particularly video streaming online, has turned many brands into video production powerhouses that focus heavily on delivering engaging consumer experiences. But even if you don’t consider your brand a “video production powerhouse,” you can still host an online video conference that will provide many benefits both for your business and for your consumer audience. In fact, many brands are turning to online video conference solutions to provide the most engaging consumer experience to their fans.

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Consumer Benefits of Hosting an Online Video Conference 

Today’s consumer spends an average of 100 minutes watching video online each day. Brands that are maximizing their video production to reach targeted consumer audiences are reaping the immense rewards that come from these decisions while those that don’t are potentially leaving money on the table. Consumers love online video conference options for many reasons, including the convenience and potential for engagement. Just checkout these benefits that consumers tend to appreciate most about a brand’s decision to host its conference online rather than offering an in-person option only:

  • Viewers get a front row seat to the content they are most interested in. Viewing from home or office rather than in-person means the consumer can access exclusive content with comfort.
  • Access multiple conference rooms for a targeted experience that meets the unique needs of each consumer. Attendees can maximize the value they receive from an online video conference by switching between conference rooms to attend live events that are most relative to their needs. 
  • Interact with speakers, asking questions and getting real-time support. Consumers enjoy the opportunity to interact with speakers as they participate in events in real time.
  • Convenience in access with ability to connect to a conference from anywhere at virtually any time.
  • Flexibility to access the online video conference at a time that is most convenient for the consumer. This is particularly important to consumers that might not be able to attend an in-person conference for various reasons including health issues or other potential situations that might prevent travel.

Business Benefits of Hosting an Online Video Conference

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As a business owner the decision to host an online video conference that your consumer audience will appreciate is no longer something that only large businesses or brands can consider. Today’s online video conference solutions are available to small and medium business owners, providing just as much flexibility and potential as those that were once only viable for bigger brands. Hosting an online video conference comes with a variety of major benefits for your business, too.

Consider the following benefits that business owners can potentially experience as a result of hosting an online video conference for their audiences:

  • Online video conference solutions have no added overhead for speakers. The conference can go on, just as it would with an in-person only attendance option, but your business can reach substantially more viewers or attendees.
  • Multiple conferences can be produced simultaneously maximizing your brand’s reach, audience engagement, and potential financial benefits.
  • Easily embed conference feeds into your website or desired landing page and control access from anywhere, anytime. Conference feeds can be distributed via social media, too.
  • Monetization opportunities including subscription based access or fee-based access as well as potential monetization through third party advert sales, merchandise sales, and conference access up-sells.
  • Real time and post-conference analytics data allows you to monitor interest and utilize metrics for future marketing and advertising initiatives.

Quick Tips for an Engaging Consumer Experience

Want to produce an online video conference that provides the most engaging customer experience for your audience? Before you get started, think about the ways that you can incorporate real-time interaction opportunities into your event to provide your audience with the best possible experience.  Consider the following:

  • Know your target audience so that you can plan your interaction opportunities in advance. Think about who you are targeting.
  • Pick a theme for your conference and keep it clear throughout. This will help with your targeting, and with your engagement planning.
  • Incorporate offline event engagement opportunities in addition to your online engagement features. Something as simple as an ebook or special access to merchandise can make your event stand out to more audience members.
  • Include event replays, or on-demand, event access to improve engagement among consumers that may not be able to attend at set times.
  • Use live Q&A sessions, polls, and other interactive options before, during, and after your event.
  • Use social media to provide mixed interaction and engagement opportunities drawing traffic in from social media to your event, and vice versa sending event attendees to your social media profiles.
  • Use contests, and hashtags, to encourage attendees to engage and provide user-generated content.

Ready to host an online video conference that will deliver an engaging and exciting event to your audience? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call today to learn more about the various event engagement opportunities that you can incorporate into your online video conference for an audience enriching, and ultra-engaging event. We can’t wait to help you plan and produce your next big event!

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