5 Qualities of the Best Onboarding Videos

5 Qualities of the Best Onboarding Videos

A great onboarding video can be used to effectively prepare a new customer or employee for the next steps in his or her role within the company. For new customers, onboarding improves the customer experience and offers a way of answering early questions and preparing the customer to get the most out of his or her purchase. For employees, onboarding provides a smooth transition into a new work role allowing them to gain valuable insight into their position and expectations as they enter the field. These are the qualities of the best onboarding videos. 5 Qualities of the Best Onboarding Videos.

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  • 1.  Welcome Message

The best onboarding videos, whether they are created to onboard employees or customers, include a welcome message geared to the audience. The welcome message may be a simple, “welcome to the team,” that comes from the team lead or it could be a “welcome to the company,” that comes from the CEO. The bottom line is, the welcome message of the video should provide brief insight into the company the employee or customer is joining and it should make them feel appreciated.

  • 2. Quick Start Guides

Great onboarding videos also include quick start intros that the employee or customer can use to help them make the most out of their relationship with the business. A new employee onboarding video that includes a quick start that outlines their skills and educational qualifications will help the employee to feel at ease with his or her role. Now is also a great time to demonstrate what the employee will be doing and what their expectations are. 

A quick start guide in a customer onboarding video may include details on initially using their product or the service they signed up for. The quick start guide will provide the basic essential functions and details that would be required for the customer to immediately begin using the product or service.

  • 3. Essential Details

Getting more detailed, onboarding videos should also lead into the essentials of the role or of the product or service. For an employee onboarding program, the essentials and special details of the role may include information on any special tools or programs they may be required to understand as part of the job. The video should provide insight into the tiny details that the average employee may not know about but will need to know in their role. 

For customer onboarding, essential details will include those tiny factors that pertain to using the product or service to its fullest effect. Include any information that will allow the consumer to get the most out of their purchase and answer any questions you think they may have pertaining to getting started with the product or service. 

  • 4. A Comforting Narrator or Voiceover

The narrator or voiceover for your onboarding videos must not speak in a monotone way. His or her voice should be comforting and should align with the audience. A more stern, and strong tone may be used for certain onboarding positions whereas others may do better with a relaxed and conversational narrator. The goal here is to provide a narrator that your audience will resonate most with and who’s tone will be most widely accepted by the intended audience.

  • 5. Interactive Endings

The best onboarding videos include interactive endings that allow the viewer to choose the next steps in the onboarding process. For a consumer, consider offering links to additional product manuals, FAQ pages, or important points of contact that will make the customer experience more beneficial and welcoming overall. For employee onboarding videos, consider an ending that allows the employee to go back through sections of the video if they feel like they missed something or that includes links to additional details on various subjects relative to the video to further expand their knowledge on the subject before they get started in their new role.

The best onboarding videos consider their audience closely and do their best to provide visual and audio representations that appeal to the customers or employees that the content is created for. For help creating onboarding videos that you can use to improve your customer experience or to improve your employee onboarding process, give Beverly Boy Productions a call.

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