How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Ocala Video Production Company?

Are you in search of the answer to the question, How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Ocala Video Production Company? Utilizing professional video production services in Ocala has become a key marketing strategy today. These services are engaging, easy to digest, and enjoyable. You may find it interesting that about 68% of consumers would rather learn about products or services through a brief video rather than through written content. Video marketing has become essential in the modern landscape. No matter if you’re after high-quality, cheap, inexpensive, or affordable video production in Ocala, every business can benefit.

Your target audience is always at the forefront when designing video content, assisting in selecting the most suitable video for your company. A firm may choose to release a live-stream video to spotlight a product. Alternatively, social media videos and high-definition promotional videos could be employed to market their offerings. We also extend our services to The Villages, Gainesville, and Crystal River.

There is a broad range of Ocala video companies available. Various video production methods exist to deliver new customer information and consolidate existing customer relationships. Overall, an excellent Ocala video production company can support you in producing solid content in alignment with your company’s objectives and goals.

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Ocala Video Production Rates

Your video’s cost will depend on several factors: the duration of your video and the method you choose to produce it. Essentially, Ocala video production rates fluctuate based on the video’s duration and the necessary production services for its completion.

Take corporate explainer videos as an example. This type of video can be beneficial for explaining ideas, clarifying concepts, rectifying misconceptions, and creating a video with a specific audience in mind. A company can conveniently hire an Ocala video production company to create an explainer video that outlines a problem and presents its product or service as the solution. We also serve Brooksville, Spring Hill, Palatka, and more!

Explainer videos necessitate five services to actualize your vision: voiceovers, editing/design, scriptwriting, audio balancing, and storyboard/animatics. Given the various services that may be part of the production process, a 60-second video’s price will differ from a 5-minute video. Moreover, an explainer video may require different equipment compared to a customer or employee testimonial. The type of video you produce and its length can largely determine video production rates in Ocala.

Ocala Video Production Costs

While it’s common to charge half-day and full-day rates, we’ve compiled a list of per-hour prices for your reference when budgeting for your video. Production prices can also be discussed with your video production company. (Remember, we offer free quotes!)

Ocala  Production Company Pricing Sheet:

  • Video Director: $32/hour to $257/hour
  • Script Writer/Marketer: $68/hour to $158/hour
  • Video Editor: $64/hour to $185/hour
  • Cameramen: $34/hour to $411/hour
  • Actors/Presenters: $61/hour to $513/hour
  • Narrators/Voiceovers: $107 to $412
  • Equipment: $33/hour to $113/hour
  • Studio Shooting: $113/hour to $418/hour
  • B-Roll: 19% to 59% in addition to shooting costs
  • Audio Files: $40 to $1,015
  • Video Rendering: $40/hour to $92/hour
  • Miscellaneous Fees: $114 to $1,018

Team Beverly Boy

Hiring The Right Ocala Video Company

So, How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Ocala Video Production Company? The price range for video production typically falls between $1,000 and $5,000 per completed minute. This is a good price point to keep in mind when budgeting. We also service 34470, 34471, and 34474.

We understand that hiring the right video company can feel daunting. However, working with professional video production companies doesn’t have to break the bank. At Beverly Boy Productions, we produce first-rate videos, keeping your company’s success as our primary objective. We accompany our clients through each step of the process (pre-production, production, and post-production) to ensure you’re Hiring the Right Ocala Video Company.

Different types of video production services:

  • Live streaming
  • Event videography
  • Camera crews
  • Internet video production
  • Corporate video
  • Television broadcast
  • B-Roll
  • TV commercial production
  • Testimonial videos
  • Product videos

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So, How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Ocala Video Production Company? To obtain more details or secure an accurate Ocala video production quote, contact us today. The Beverly Boy team has years of experience, allowing us to assist you with a rate card, so you can anticipate the cost of your video. Feel free to send us an RFQ or RFP, and we will return with figures. We are eager to assist you with your upcoming project! Get in touch today!


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