Top 10 Video Tripods For Professional New York Camera Crews

Top 10 Video Tripods

Choosing the best video tripod will mean that you can get the smooth and steady operational support you need, but this is something that only experience and knowledge can teach you. 

The best tripod for video production features two top components you want to look for: sturdiness and reliability.

You can pick a tripod that is top of the line or choose one that fits your budget, but to help you get started in your search, we’ve put together a few of our favorites that are loved by many professional New York camera crews. So, check out this list of top 10 video tripods before purchasing.

1. Best Tripod on the Market – Manfrotto MVK502AQ Video Tripod

Manfrotto MVK502AQ VIdeo Tripod

Paired with the MVH502A Fluid Head, the Manfrotto video tripod provides the strength and durability that you can depend on for any job, and for however long you’ll need to use this tripod.

It’s smooth flexibility helps you to get the best support, no matter where you may be shooting in the city.

Ideal for heavy camera rigs used by the best videographers, and also convenient for the lighter, less powerful units like DSLR setups, the Manfrotto MKV502AQ video tripod is an efficient option that offers reliable versatility.

It’s easy to use and easy to take apart, making this tripod ideal for any job, anywhere. Additionally, it includes rubberized feet with covers that mean you can easily use it on any surface, even the slick ones.  

2. Miller 1514 DS20 Video Tripod System

Miller 1514 DS20 Video Tripod System

The Miller 1514 DS20 Tripod System has a light and sturdy design that can hold up to 10kg of weight and can be used for a variety of camera rigs.

A favorite tripod choice for professional New York camera crews, whether they be veteran crews or new ones, the Miller tripod system is made from carbon fiber which is why it is so lightweight yet so sturdy.

Quick-release mounts along with a 1/4inch pin or screw mounts make the lens and battery changes simple and easy with this quality system.

While there are only two leg-sections meaning that it doesn’t provide as much versatility as some other options, the impressive height extension is a feature that somewhat makes up for this. Additionally, the portability of this tripod design is hard to beat.  

3. Velbon DV-7000N Video Tripod

Velbon DV-7000 N Video Tripod

With a PH-368 Fluid Head, the Velbon DV-7000N tripod system is perfect for those shopping on a budget.

Professional videographers who are looking for support for DSLR or mirrorless camera setups but who don’t want to overspend will love that this option is available for under $250.

It’s an affordable option that still offers reliability with a load capacity of 6kg. Rubber feet help to make this the perfect tripod for surfaces that are slick and it is also ideal for use on-the-go.

It’s not the most modern, attractive design but it is easy to use and one of the most affordable options out there. With both pan and tilt adjustments, you’ll feel like you have top studio gear while working but without the high price tag, you’d expect.

4. Camlink TP Video Tripod

Camlink TP Video Tripod

This quality video tripod from Camlink has braced legs that are highly durable so you can be sure to get the stability that is needed without increasing the weight of the tripod itself.

It has a height (extendable) of 138cm and it can be folded into a height of just 73.4cm, making it highly portable. With 3 leg sections, you can easily use it wherever needed, whether on slick surfaces or uneven ground.

Professional New York camera crews will love the smooth panning with this Camlink TP while also appreciating how easy it is to control with the dual control handles which include a built-in friction dampening component.

5. Velbon Videomate 638 Video Tripod

Velbon Videomate 638 Video Tripod

Paired with the PH-368 head, the Velbon Videomate 638 video tripod is a highly affordable tripod found on the top 10 list available for buying on Amazon, for under $175.

This aluminum tripod is very easy to carry around, has 3 leg sections, so you can easily use it wherever and whenever and the quick-release plates allow for easy changing of using it as a handheld tripod or a mount placement.

The only downside is that the max payload is only around 4kg, which isn’t the best for every situation. But, if you’re looking for an affordable option that can help you get started as a videographer, the Velbon Videomate 638 Video Tripod with PH-368 head could be ideal for you.

6. Manfrotto Befree Live Travel Tripod

Manfrotto Befree Live Travel Tripod

Whether you need to shoot up in Harlem in the morning and then down in Chelsea in the afternoon, a travel tripod that is easy to use would be the Manfrotto Befree Live Travel Tripod.

The carbon fiber design means that it’s very lightweight and convenient for on-the-go use. It also has 4 leg sections, so you can use it in even the most challenging of places.

If you’re a filmmaker who often has to get shots around the city, whether in Brooklyn, Queens, or Manhattan, this tripod is ideal for a variety of locations, situations, and even foundations.

It can’t hold a large camcorder but if you like working with a DSLR or CSC rig that is under 4kg total weight, this could be ideal for you.

7. Benro A373FBS7 Video Tripod

Benro A373FBS7 Video Tripod

The Benro A373FBS7 video tripod isn’t as cheap as some other options but at $350, the price is relatively accessible. It offers precision balance, as well as full control.

The construction is made of aluminum and while it’s not the lightest option around, the 3 leg section allows you to easily counterbalance a rig that could be up to 7kg of total weight.

With independent locks for panning and tilting, the Benro A373FBS7 tripod can help you accommodate any type of accessory you may have in mind, including external monitors and recorders.

With rubber feet and spikes, you can easily use it in a variety of conditions and while it doesn’t have the best drag mechanisms, it can efficiently counterbalance your rig, making it a favorite for many pro videographers.

8. Manfrotto 755XB MDeVe Video Tripod

Manfrotto 755XB MDeVe Video Tripod

Made from aluminum, the Manfrotto 755XB MDeVe Video Tripod lightweight is very portable and lightweight. It has a built-in leveling ball so you can guide and balance the shot perfectly every single time.

It also has 3 leg sections to use, so you can trust the Manfrotto 755XB Tripod will be as sturdy and balanced as needed on tricky foundations and places.

While there are similar tripods in this category built from carbon fiber, we love how the Manfrotto has the ability to provide optimal balancing precision even though its aluminum. The price for this model is just under $300.

9. Manfrotto 535BK 2 Stage Tripod

Manfrotto 535BK 2 Stage Tripod

The Manfrotto 535BK 2 Stage 535B video tripod setup is made out of carbon fiber for reduced weight while still providing sturdiness and stability for the job.

Featuring an extension height of 184cm, you can also fold it down to 88.4cm and weighs just 5kg. A bit more expensive than other options on our 10 list, the Manfrotto 535BK 2 Stage video tripod can be found on Amazon for a price of about $800.

While the cost isn’t as budget-friendly as some would like, many professional New York camera crews love the features the Manfrotto 535BK 2 Stage 535 B provides.

The total max payload of 7.5kg makes it ideal for bigger rigs and the well balanced setup is a great option for professional crews who want to use the quality gear.  

10. Manfrotto 546GBK Video Tripod

Manfrotto 546GBK Video Tripod

Featuring the 504HD head, the Manfrotto 546GBK video tripod system is available on Amazon for under $1k. The capacity of the payload is at 12kg which ideal for any professional and their rig. 

Additionally, the Manfrotto 546GBK tripod system only weighs about 6.3kg due to its aluminum build.

The Manfrotto 546GBK has useful video bowl attachment that can be used with other professional gear unlike a lot of the other options we’ve listed. Because it has twin legs, this option is very easy to set up and use, which makes it ideal for smaller, on-the-go, professional New York camera crews. 

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