The Do's and Don'ts of New York Remote Webcasting

The Do’s and Don’ts of New York Remote Webcasting

Webcasting has quickly gained popularity among New York City businesses following widespread closures of all non-essential businesses in the city and throughout the country in 2020 as a result of COVID-19.  Offering a safe solution to corporate communication between customers, clients, employees and key stakeholders, New York remote webcasting utilizes live video feeds to deliver real time message information to a remote audience. Many New York businesses are new to webcasting and wonder how to get the most out of the solutions provided by this unique technology. 

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At Beverly Boy Productions, we provide clients with a wide range of remote webcasting services and professional event live streaming production.

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New York Remote Webcasting Do’s

Webcasts allow companies and organizations to reach audiences that are as close as just in the room next door and as far wide as the opposite corners of the world.

Whether you’re streaming to a massive audience or a small group, it’s important to take time to ensure your webcast technology is in place, the stream is established, and the broadcast is set to go without a hitch. 

Knowing how to achieve all of this, and what to actually DO with all that technology that is required to deliver a remote webcast for your NYC business requires more than just a simple understanding of a webcam.

There’s broadband speeds, uptimes, CDNs, and various other terms and technology needs that the average business owner has little working knowledge of.

Hiring a professional New York remote webcasting team like Beverly Boy Productions will help you to achieve success with your stream.


Generally, they’ll make sure that you:

  • Plan and outline your webcast in advance. 
  • Rehearse your webcast so that it can start and stop on schedule.
  • Take steps before the webcast to generate hype and interest in the presentation.
  • Test webcast technology and streaming to ensure everything is working correctly.
  • Collect audience data during the webcast.
  • Answer audience questions in real-time.
  • Use post-webcast surveys to gauge audience satisfaction.
  • Evaluate the webcast participation data, chat logs, and various other information to maximize the value of the presentation for your business. 

New York Remote Webcasting Don’ts

Many businesses struggle to get things just right with the remote webcast experience, especially those that are entirely new to the idea of broadcasting to prospective customers or other stakeholders in their business.

It’s easy to make mistakes with your webcast, which is why we recommend you hire a professional New York remote webcasting team to assist you with the production.

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They’ll make sure that you:

  • DO NOT lose viewers from your webcast for various reasons.
  • DO NOT deliver an unprofessional experience for your audience.
  • DO NOT slow your corporate network as a result of the webcast.
  • DO NOT deliver a webcast that is difficult for users to connect to.
  • DO NOT forget to utilize important raw data that is collected during the webcast.

The decision to host a New York remote webcasting experience for your audience is a big deal, and it will certainly require some commitment on your part, but with a professional on your side, the perfect webcast experience is entirely possible!

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