Top 5 Things to Consider when Hiring a New York City Real Estate Video Production Company

Top 5 Things to Consider when Hiring a New York City Real Estate Video Production Company

Hiring a filmmaker to create videos for your real estate business is an important investment that should not be rushed. Most production companies work with a variety of businesses operating in diverse industries, which means finding a good fit for your project can be complicated.  Before you choose it’s important to carefully consider their competence, equipment, and the history of their past projects. Check out how each of these considerations can impact your decision to hire a professional New York City real estate video production company.

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1. Survey Your Own Video Production Needs

Before you can hire a production company, it’s important to take into account your own video production needs.

Do you need aerial videography of commercial real estate that you own? Do you want to create videos that will help your community get to know you? Are you interested in creating videos that showcase 360° interior views of your locations?

Videographers and camera crews have diverse skills and frequently specialize in various niches. Knowing exactly what you need can help you to define the most appropriate individual or crew to work with.

2. Competence of the Production Company

Hiring a New York City real estate video production company requires careful analysis of the underlying skills and competence of the production company.

How many years in the industry do they have? How many projects have they completed? Do they specialize in drone footage? How about other forms of aerial footage? Do they have the ability to produce commercial-quality films?  What kind of school or hands-on training did the camera crew have?

Learning all of this will help you to narrow down the most suitable production company to work with for your project.

3. Equipment Needs

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Before you choose a real estate video production company it’s important to understand the equipment that will be used in the production of your video project. Is the appropriate equipment available to produce your film? Will the production company need to rent equipment? 

Production companies that have their own equipment will have lower costs in terms of equipment rental, however some equipment can be extremely expensive and may result in overall higher costs of production as the company works to gradually recuperate the total cost of their investments into equipment and other items. 

4. Past Project History

Hiring a production company for your real estate business requires careful examination of the past projects that the company worked on.

Look for a New York City real estate video production company that has a portfolio of past projects that include real estate videos. It’s important to hire a company that can show clearly documented past experience in real estate video production.

5. Client Satisfaction

Hiring a New York City real estate video production company also requires some insight into the satisfaction of past clients.

When you come closer to finding a production company that can help you with your video production needs, call a few of their past clients and ask about their involvement with the production company.

Were they satisfied with the project? Would they work together again? Were there any circumstances that they would change if they could?

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