5 Ways Production Services in New York City Can Help You Generate More Sales in 2021

5 Ways Production Services in New York City Can Help You Generate More Sales in 2021

Generating more sales and increasing revenue is the foundation behind most business decisions when it comes to expanding marketing and introducing new campaigns. If your New York City business is considering the use of video as part of an increased effort to boost our reach and grow, you’ve probably already considered hiring production services. If you want to generate more sales and increase revenue for your business, production services in New York City can help you achieve your goals. Here’s how.

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1. Generate Greater Trust Among Your Audience

Sometimes the only thing holding back a potential customer from making a purchase from your store or business is trust. They already have a need for your product and they are considering the brand, but they just aren’t sure whether they should trust it or not – will it really work?

Does it really do what it says? Can it really hold up better than the competitor’s product?

Production services in New York City can assist you in producing testimonial videos that will help you to create more trust among your audience.

These short, 30-60 second videos pack a powerful punch when it comes to increasing your sales and driving revenue for your brand. They’re definitely worth the investment!

2. Generate Niche Authority for your Brand

Every industry has businesses and brands that are considered the “experts.” You should be doing whatever you can to be an expert for your industry. Videos can help you become the expert.

Delivering niche specific content that helps your audience to see not only that you sell a certain product or service, but that you happen to have a lot of knowledge in the industry works to build up your authority and to build trust among your audience – both can help you to increase sales and revenue. 

Use authoritative videos to inform, educate, and build up a reputation for your brand as the industry authority on your niche. Video production services in New York City can assist with all of this by producing explainer videos, guides, and educational content.

3. Build Brand Recognition

The more consumers are face-to-face with your brand, they more likely they will be to trust in your brand when they see it and to recall your brand when they need the products or services you provide.

Since more and more consumers are spending time online, delivering content online that will engage them is important.

Video production services can help you to produce video content that will engage your audience and entertain them in between delivering powerful marketing messages. This will build brand recognition so that they know who to call when they’re ready.

4. Show Side-by-Side Comparisons

With video, you can show a side-by-side comparison of your brand versus the competition and, if your brand has what it takes to outshine the competitor — you win!

In fact, video production services in New York City can help you to devise ways to use side-by-side comparisons to outshine your competition with your video content so that consumers know exactly who they should purchase from! It’s a win for sure!

5. Increase SEO Ranking & Time on Site

Video SEO2.

In order to get customers to come to your website or landing page, you’re going to need better search engine rankings. Even with a first page, #1 ranking you’ll only get 75% of the traffic for your keyword.

If you’re ranked #3, you can expect about 33% of the total traffic or less. That means, you need not only to get a LOT of traffic, but also you need that traffic to stick around long enough to see your offer. 

Video production services in New York City can help with both! They’ll help you create videos which can improve your search engine rankings resulting in more traffic to your site and the use of video can also increase the amount of time a viewer stays on your site.

With more time on your website, the chance that they will click, purchase, or otherwise convert is greatly increased resulting in more sales and more revenue for your brand!

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