8 Questions to Ask Before Live Streaming a Las Vegas Event

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Live streaming a Las Vegas event is always a good idea, especially if you have a target demographic you’d love to reach but can’t due to distance or other factors. When you live stream your event, you’re able to appeal to as many people as you’d like 

Of course, live streaming is a unique service so as you set out to look for a video production company that provides live streaming services, consider asking the eight questions below. You don’t want to work with a team that is subpar, right? Here’s an idea of what to ask: 

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1. Are you ready to provide top-notch services?

Live streaming is relatively new so you may find that while companies say they offer live-streaming, not everyone actually has the experience and expertise for a successful outcome. So, make sure to ask if they are fully prepared to provide quality live stream services! 

2. Can you stream with the platform we’d like to utilize for our project?

Some live streaming services can only stream onto specific platforms. If you have a custom server or want to stream on YouTube and they aren’t able to, that would be a real pickle for your project. Make sure to check with your production crew about this very important detail. 

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3. Are you able to provide technical support as needed in the event?

When it comes to live streaming a Las Vegas event, you’ll want to make sure you can get the technical support you need, especially if you’re new to this technology. Even those who have some experience may find technical difficulties beyond their experience. This is why working with a live streaming crew that can offer support in real time is something you will want to consider. The last thing you need is your live stream to be down for the count. 

4. Can you operate the live stream during the event?

If you’re holding a live event, more than likely you have things to take care of. Ask your production company if they can handle the live streaming factors while you handle the rest. This is something you’ll need to make sure of in advance. 

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5. Is 4G reliable or do you use internet connections?

In places where WiFi is unavailable, you’ll need to know what the team will do as far as internet connectivity so you can be sure to stream to the audience of your choosing. Talk about the technical issues that could arise and the backup plans in place to ensure the live stream is a success.

6. Is your camera gear up-to-standard for broadcasting?

When you work with a professional for live streaming a Las Vegas event, you want to make sure that they have the gear to match. Top-quality gear will result in top-quality results, so make sure they don’t plan to use something that can be compared to live streaming on your iPhone. 

7. How many cameras will be used for our live stream?

This is a great question to ask as it can help you have an idea of the type of quality they are planning to offer, as far as visuals go. Numerous cameras allow for various views and angles in the live stream visuals and can provide your audience with the most captivating views. Should one camera have issues, you still have other ones to shoot your event with. 

8. Are you able to include text graphics in the overlay?

You’ll want to know if your production crew can help you use graphics in your live stream. If you want to use PowerPoint in your live stream, make sure to discuss this with them as well. Details like these ones must be discussed in advance, so you have the perfect live stream you’ve been hoping for. 

Beverly Boy Productions has the experience to pull-off a successful live stream event with you. If you’re ready to start live streaming a Las Vegas event, whether it’s somewhere on the Strip or elsewhere, we can help, no matter the weather. From hot summers to mild winters, we have you covered, no matter what. 

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