8 Traits to Look for in a Top Raleigh Cinematographer

8 Traits to Look for in a Top Raleigh Cinematographer

Filmmaking in Raleigh is a highly competitive environment and certainly requires someone with confidence and strength. If you’re considering hiring a Raleigh cinematographer, we recommend you look for someone that is focused, confident, and a natural born leader.

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Intuitiveness and flexibility to roll with the punches on set are also important traits for a Raleigh cinematographer.

Together, these traits have the power to drive success on the film set:

1. Focused

BBP Cinematographer

It takes great focus to produce powerfully captivating shots from behind the camera.

Every great Raleigh cinematographer knows that they’ve got to focus on continuous improvement, creativity, and technical skill.

2. Flexibility

Finding a Raleigh cinematographer that is flexible and easygoing is important.

These camera operators must be able to adjust and adapt with things as they frequently change on the set. Having a flexible mindset will reduce stress and turmoil.

3. Educated

While many traits that are great for a cinematographer are typically there by nature, education is equally important!

It takes time to learn how to shoot with a camera that costs $50K and you certainly don’t want just anyone taking control.

4. Confidence

Cinematographers have to be confident in their ability to deliver the director’s vision through the eye of the lens.

They use the various technology and tools or equipment available to them, alongside their creative abilities, to produce powerful shots that the audience will love. And they do it all confidently.

5. Intuitiveness

A great Raleigh cinematographer has to have the intuitiveness to know exactly what may happen if a camera is moved, shifted, or otherwise operated in a particular way.

They use this intuitive nature to see how they can be most successful with their production — and when things need to change in order for success to take place.

6. Leadership

Beverly Boy camera crew

Camera operators lead various members of the film set and are often responsible for addressing talent to ensure that they can capture the shot or scene exactly as intended by the vision of the director.

This leadership is a trait that many great cinematographers are born with.

7. Efficient

Scheduling, being on time, and getting things done efficiently is important in the film world.

A great Raleigh cinematographer will be efficient in his or her everyday activities. They know not to waste time and are happy to stay on a productive path.

8. Technological

Working with various camera equipment requires deep technological understanding. This is especially true when there are multiple camera operators and other crew members working a set.

A great Raleigh cinematographer will have a technologically savvy mindset with a strong understanding for camera equipment and gear. 

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