Minority Owned Production Company in Jersey City

When filming a video project in Jersey City don’t forget about being able to ensure inclusivity. This means not only helping a small business owner but being able to include a minority entrepreneur. That category can include anyone who is a woman, a veteran, a member of LGBTQ community or anyone who is a part of another minority group. If you are in one of these representations or if you support them then you might want to consider working with a minority owned production company in Jersey City on your next project. Beverly Boy Productions is the company you should keep in mind for that.

Are you after vendor diversity in whoever you hire to create your video? Are you looking for the best production company out there? Do you want a company that proudly shows off its diversity and talent? Then look to Beverly Boy Productions. When you work with us you are getting an African American owned production company. You’ll also see that we have hired minority groups as part of our team. When you work with us you’ll see female crew members working on your project. You will also see the talents of many LGBTQ production crew members as well. Our teams can travel to any of the following cities to assist you. Hoboken, Weehawken, Union City.

Minority Owned Production Company in Jersey City

Team Beverly Boy does its best to encourage inclusivity in the film industry but that is not enough. We need more people to accept diversity and inclusion in the world. People talk about cultural diversity and minority inclusivity amongst other topics. But what about the representation of marginalized communities? They leave that out. This leads to an underrepresented threshold. By being a diverse and inclusive company Beverly Boy Productions is doing its best to overcome that threshold.

As a minority owned production company in Jersey City there are certain things that we want to accomplish and make known about ourselves. One of those things is how diverse our staff is. We hire many talented individuals that will include LGBTQ production crew members, and black filmmakers also. These individuals are just as talented and skilled as any other company. When you hire us for your video production you will be able to see all that they can do as well as the wonderful things that they will bring to your project.

When you hire a minority owned production company in Jersey City you are doing your part to contribute to corporate Supplier Diversity and inclusivity. This will certainly make you feel good. You feel like you’ve not only made a smart business move but you are showing just how much you support this diversity. When you work with Beverly boy Productions not only do you get a diverse company you will receive a high quality video production once filming has been completed. You can request our services if you live in any of the following counties. We can travel to you and assist you. Hudson, Morris, Essex, Union

Black Owned Production Company

When people hire a black owned production company they are contributing to growth among minority groups. They are also supporting black creators. They are giving these individuals more of a chance to show off their talent and skills. They are welcoming them to the industry by requesting them to work on their video productions. If you want to be a part of that, reach out to Beverly Boy Productions today. We can begin working on your project right away.

There are other benefits to hiring a black-owned production company in Jersey City. Do you need venues to film at? Our black filmmaker in Jersey City knows the area very well and can recommend several places. Some of which might include: The Atelier Ballroom, Venue 845, Legaci Events Center. Are you unfamiliar with Jersey City? Don’t worry! Our black production team has spent years in this area. They know the ins and outs as well as all the details. They can share some interesting facts with you such as: Located in Northeast New Jersey and nestled on the Hudson River. This city is home to Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, and the Manhattan Skyline. Because of its location to Ellis island the city is known for its diverse history involving immigrants.

There are many positive aspects to having a minority owned production company in Jersey City as part of your project. Another thing you’ll be asking yourself is what type of video can you create? It all depends on what you are hoping to achieve. If you want your business to be promoted, if you want your services to be promoted, or if you want to highlight your diversity. There are videos of all types for that. Once you have made the decision on what you want to create, that is when you will reach out to us. We can travel to any of the following zip codes to assist you and offer our services. 07002, 07302, 07304, 07097

There are additional benefits of working with a minority owned production company in Jersey City. They are listed below.

●More opportunity. Minority owned businesses can help you expand your opportunity.
Supplier Diversity. Working with an MBE can help diversify your clientele.
●Cost savings
●Innovation and creativity

Black Film Crew

Are you ready to be a part of the experience? Would you like to work with our black film crew on your production? Not only are we a minority owned production company in Jersey City. We are a company that wants our clients to feel right at home when they work with us. If you request to join in on pre-production and story creation to post-production editing as well as any other processes involved in creating your film, you will have the opportunity to do so. All you have to do is ask. We would like to welcome you to the diverse list of clients that we have worked with.

Do you still require more information about Jersey City or are you ready to begin filming? Would you like to do more to help the local economy? Then why not consider hiring a minority owned business like Beverly Boy Productions? You will contribute to the local and diverse business Market that’s out there. You are giving our diverse camera crew members as well as our black director and black producer a job. Not only that, you are being added to the diverse list of clientele that we have. You can be sure that you will get Top Notch diversity and creativity when you work with us.

Are you planning a 30 second television spot, a corporate interview or a series of educational videos or promos for social media? Then you need our help right away. Give us a call. We are a minority owned production company in Jersey City that is always ready to add to our list of clients. Maybe you will be the next business that we help. All you have to do is give us a call. From there the rest is easy and we can begin discussing your project with you.

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