Milwaukee Production Fixer

Milwaukee Production Fixer

Exploring options for a reliable Milwaukee production fixer? If you need a project to be filmed in Milwaukee/USA, then you do need a fixer. If you’ve ever heard of fixers in the film industry, you may know what they do. If not, let’s give you an idea of what it is that they “fix.”

Fixer services provide production teams with the expertise, insights, and support for filming in an international country. If your project requires traveling to Milwaukee, complete production services could include a top-notch Milwaukee fixer. As you can imagine with the name “fixer,” fixers do a lot of work to keep the production process on track throughout the entire project. Without top Milwaukee production fixer, film crews can find themselves in tough moments and perhaps even without footage for their project. Fortunately, Beverly Boy Productions has you covered in this city. We also provide service in Menomonee Falls, Brookfield, and Greendale.

To help you understand why you may need film fixers in Milwaukee, let’s see what this job entails!


What is a Fixer?

So what is a fixer? Fixers, also known as local producers and production coordinators, set everything up for crews to start filming in an international location. Fixers know the region well and can provide the local knowledge to ensure successful production projects. Whether you need location permits, or transportation, etc., we can provide the support needed for international production teams. Film and TV shoots in foreign countries are very difficult to do without the help a video production fixer.

Fixers typically work in the industries of film, TV or journalism. Experience in these fields makes them an invaluable asset to international teams and to bring projects to life. Additionally, fixers can help you get interviews with citizens of city or country. They can make it possible to contact and schedule your interview with the people you want to get on screen.

We know that your project may not be around an interview but even documentaries, customer testimonials, and employee testimonials in a foreign country could benefit from the help of a fixer in the production process.


Milwaukee Field Producer

A Milwaukee Field Producer, or Milwaukee production fixers are necessary for video production that is efficient and reliable in the city. They can provide the expertise and logistical support that ensures success in international projects.

Many times, camera crews can end up in tricky situations without a fixer. We’ve seen how some people have had amazing ideas but haven’t been able to turn them into successful films, due to the lack of knowledge about local approval and legal permits. This is where a fixer can come in. 

Honestly, we can say that Milwaukee production fixers are a must-have for any Milwaukee production team. Without legal approval, film crews can lose their equipment, stock, and more. That’s why you want to make sure you work with a professional fixer—to ensure successful results, no matter what.


Hire a Fixer in Milwaukee

Need to Hire a Fixer in Milwaukee? Fixers are needed for filming content in far-away cities and other countries. You can be sure that reliable Milwaukee production fixers can ensure that your vision becomes the reality you want it to be. 

Don’t let us scare you about filming internationally – your video filmed abroad can be a phenomenal one. We just want our clients to understand everything that goes into local production services. From budgeting to understanding how to get past red tape, knowing if you need a fixer can help you plan for your project. Luckily, Milwaukee, Wisconsin is an ideal spot for your project with a top Milwaukee Production Fixer. While the weather is very cold in the winter, summers are pleasantly warm. The city also has some great landmarks such as Pabst Mansion and Milwaukee Art Museum. 

With over 18 years of experience, Beverly Boy Productions in Milwaukee knows what to do in any situation, near or far. Our fixers have the expertise to handle your project needs, wherever you may be capturing footage for your business, so get in touch with us today. We’d love to work on your project with you!


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    With over 10 years in the industry, Beverly Boy Productions in Milwaukee has the experience you seek. Whether you’re filming here or far away, when you need fixers for your business, we’d love to help you. Simply give us a call today!



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