7 Ways to Incorporate Customer Experience Videos into Marketing Campaigns

7 Ways to Incorporate Customer Experience Videos into Marketing Campaigns

Throughout your marketing campaigns, various types of content are used to improve the customer experience including eBooks, blog posts, infographics and, of course, videos. Actually, there is nothing better than video when it comes to marketing which is why 87% of marketers are utilizing it in their campaigns. The incorporation of customer experience videos into your marketing campaigns can improve the relationship between your customer and your business among other benefits. 

We’ve put together a list of 7 ways to incorporate customer experience videos into marketing campaigns. From the use of testimonials on landing pages to incorporating customer experience videos onto social media, we’re showing you how to maximize the benefits coming from customer experience videos such as testimonials, case studies, and consumer product reviews.

  1. Include Customer Experience Videos on Landing Pages

The addition of testimonial videos on landing pages can increase conversions by up to 86% or more. In fact, 80% of video marketers state that the inclusion of customer experience videos on landing pages increased sales directly for the brand. More than one third, 36%, of the top landing pages include testimonials according to Hubspot.

  1. Include Case Study Videos on Website

The addition of case study videos, and other forms of customer experience videos, onto your website and webpages can improve traffic and generate stronger leads among your audience. Case studies represent real data and statistics that encourage your audience to use the products or services you offer. Not only does including these videos on your website improve your potential to rank higher in Google, the inclusion of case study videos on your website can also be used to establish credibility for your business and to further nurture your leads.

  1. Add Testimonial Videos in Email Campaigns

Filming a Testimonial interview on a FS7

The addition of testimonial videos in your email campaigns can not only increase your open rate by up to 19% or more, the addition of video in emails can improve click-through rates by up to 300%.  Adding testimonial videos to your email campaigns improves the trust factor of your email, while helping to increase response rates, too. 

Use customer experience videos in your email campaigns to spark emotional appeal among your audience, increase conversions, and offer customers a unique chance in which they can advocate for your brand. Testimonials provide social proof and a personal touch that no other form of content can provide.

  1. Incorporate Case Studies & Testimonials into Blog Posts

The benefits of including customer experience videos, such as case studies, in your blog posts are multi-fold. Videos can be used to build trust and credibility among your audience which is important for your blog posts, particular as you share stories about how to solve unique problems that your audience can relate to. Additionally, the use of video in you blog posts provides an opportunity to show, rather than telling, your story in full detail.

The use of powerful case studies in your blog posts can also improve rankings and organic traffic reach. In fact, brands that incorporate customer experience videos into their blog posts to increase awareness, generate stronger consumer connections, and drive more leads report consistent success with their campaigns.

  1. Add Testimonials to Sales Pages

Just as adding a testimonial to a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more, the same is true when customer experience videos like these are included in a sales page. In fact, the inclusion of these types of videos in sales pages can increase overall sales exponentially depending on the product. Brands have seen their product sales increased by anywhere from 20-30% up to 58% or more

Videos make sales pages more relatable for the consumer. They’re ideal for personalizing or humanizing a brand or business that operates solely online. These types of videos can increase conversion rates exponentially while improving audience reception of your products or services and generating stronger customer retention for future sales, too.

  1. Include Customer Product Reviews on Product Pages

The addition of customer product reviews, and other types of customer experience videos of this style, on product pages can increase organic search rankings generating higher overall traffic for the page while increasing conversions on the page, too.  Adding testimonial videos, case studies, and product reviews to your product sales pages can increase authority for your website, generating consumer trust and increasing engagement and total time on the page – all factors that are important to your rankings and sales.

  1. Include Testimonials & Case Studies on Streaming Platforms

Including your testimonial videos and other customer experience videos, such as your case studies, on third-party platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and similar sites can not only increase your reach but will also help you to maximize promotion of your brand. By posting on YouTube, you’re accessing up to 2 billion logged-in users monthly that are there to watch billions of hours of video. 

As you can see, the inclusion of customer experience videos throughout your marketing campaigns can help you to generate more awareness, stronger authority, and greater sales & revenue for your brand. If you’re not sure where to start or how to get started with video, give Beverly Boy Productions a call! We can’t wait to help you move forward with your next video marketing campaigns!

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