15 Types of Marketing Videos for Small Business Promotions

15 Types of Marketing Videos for Small Business Promotions

Different types of marketing videos for small business owners to use in promoting their brands are seemingly a dime a dozen. Depending on your individual needs and goals, there are plenty of different ideas that come to mind. Whether you’re promoting an event, a product, a service, or something entirely different about your business, these 20 types of marketing videos for small business owners to consider will certainly get you started!

Marketing Videos for Small Business Product Promotions

If you’re promoting a product, you’re going to use a variety of videos to get your audience excited. Consider these marketing videos for small business product promotions:

  1. Product Demonstration Videos

Place your product in the spotlight and demonstrate all the great features and benefits that it offers. This type of promotional video is great for building audience awareness and for representing your product.  Pair with customer reviews to increase trust for a full circle campaign.

  1. Product Explainer Videos 

Explain the details of your product and why it’s special. Product explainer videos frequently showcase a particular audience struggle, and the way that your product provides a solution. Consider explaining what you do, and why your product is a good fit.

  1. Special Features Demo Videos

Going a bit deeper, the special features demo video shows off features that your product may have which only someone that is an avid user would understand. These videos are ideal for promoting your product to a customer that already has it, and for offering something extra to keep that customer satisfied. 

  1. Product Review Videos

Product reviews are a great way to promote your products to others. Ask for customers to provide genuine product reviews on video that showcase their story, the benefits they found with your product, and how they use your product. 

Marketing Videos for Small Business Service Promotions

  1. Service Demonstration Videos

Frequently delivered via a webinar, the service demo video helps your target audience get to know the services you provide and how to use them. Focus on producing a service demonstration that highlights a particular audience or solves a specific problem, making different promo videos for different audiences. 

  1. Service Promotion Videos

Promoting your services is a matter of figuring out what solutions you provide to your audience and honing in on their needs. Consider a service promotional video for each key service that you offer or for each solution that you provide to a key audience member. 

  1. Client Testimonial Videos

When you have satisfied clients, nothing builds trust among your audience better than client testimonial videos. These types of marketing videos for small business promotions are short and easy to create, but they pack a powerful punch! 

  1. Service Explainer Videos

Explaining the different problems or pain points that your audience might have, and then highlighting your service as a solution represents a great way to make new audiences aware of your business. Use these videos on social media, and your website, to boost awareness. 

  1. Service Launch Sizzle Reel

An upcoming service launch is something to get excited about. Producing a sizzle reel that  highlights the upcoming service, and the features that will be offered, is a great way to boost audience excitement and generate some hype around your business. Just keep it fast paced and fun for best results!

Marketing Videos for Small Business Event Promotions

  1. Event Sizzle Video

An upcoming event can be promoted with a sizzle reel that highlights past events similar to it and all the excitement that those who attend can expect. Consider producing an event sizzle reel to promote your event several weeks in advance in order to increase ticket sales and boost audience awareness.

  1. Fundraising Videos

If you’re hosting a fundraiser, or your event involves fundraising, a fundraising promo video for your event is a great way to boost awareness among your audience and generate some hype. Showcase the good causes that your brand is behind and make fundraising the focal point of the marketing video to reach a special audience.

  1. Event Invitation Videos

If you’re trying to promote your small business event and get a particular audience excited about the invite, consider an event invitation video. Event invitation videos use a mix of catchy graphics and animations to promote key details of the event including speakers or important attendees while providing information about date, time, and other attendance matters.

Marketing Videos for Small Business Social Media Promotions

  1. Facebook Ad Videos

facebook video content uploads

A short, catchy Facebook video ad has the power to captivate your audience and generate strong attention. Consider these short, 30-second or less videos, that showcase your products, services, or brand in a way that is social suitable and fun. Facebook Ad promos are a simple way to attract attention around your brand.

  1. Instagram Reels

Posting an Instagram Reel that catches the attention of your audience on social media is a great way to promote the business. Whether you’re mentioning products and services you offer or something entirely different, these types of marketing videos for small business promotions are great especially for building awareness and hype.

  1. Try Your Luck on TikTok

If you’re trying to figure out how to market to millennials, try your luck on TikTok. Producing marketing videos for small business promotions on TikTok is actually a lot of fun and if you follow the trends there’s good potential to go viral on the platform. All you have to do is keep catchy and engaging, and let the platform do the rest!

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