6 Ways to Use Videos in your Marketing Mix

6 Ways to Use Videos in your Marketing Mix

Video production is a great way for businesses of all different types and sizes to develop strong, lasting relationships with their customers that will lead to conversions and sales for the brand.

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate video content into your marketing strategy beyond the traditional commercial or website introductory video, consider these video content types to help your business expand its reach with video marketing efforts.

Properly executed video marketing has the power to increase consumer awareness for your brand, drive traffic to a valuable product or service sales pages, and generate substantial ROI. These are a few of the ways that you can use videos in your marketing mix.

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1. Branded Video Content

Building awareness of your brand with branded video content helps you to create a memorable experience for potential consumers that are at various stages of the purchase cycle.

Branded video content tells your brand story in a compelling and entertaining way that your audience can resonate with. The content that you create with your corporate branding can be used to develop genuine, loyal customer relationships that ultimately lead to conversions.

For branded videos, consider sharing on social media, in your newsletter, via email, or on your website for maximum traction.

2. Interview Videos

Build your recognition as an expert in the industry with professionally recorded interviews that prove the skills and knowledge of your brand. Video interviews can also be used to capture real-world details on the benefits of a product or service or to gain genuine insight into what it’s like to be a member of your brand.

Interviews can be used to show outsiders details on important players in your business such as your CEO or sales team and they are a great opportunity to add a human element to an otherwise online brand. Consider sharing compelling and engaging interview videos on your social media pages, your website, and in email blasts.

camera crew setting up interview

3. Testimonial Videos

Not just customer testimonials but employee testimonials too! Both are a great addition to any marketing mix. Testimonial videos are an extremely beneficial form of video marketing content that businesses can use to promote trust and consumer engagement with their brand.

Customer testimonials help to encourage sales while employee testimonials can encourage a stronger workforce to become a part of your team. Both are winning opportunities for your business marketing mix.

Videographer Prepping Camera Gear 157

4. Product Videos

Share the details of your product or service in a way that allows the audience to connect, resonate, and understand more about your brand. Product videos deliver powerful product insights in just 30-60 seconds.

You can approach marketing with product videos in a variety of ways. Consider telling your product story with video or showing a true, real-world scenario in which a person uses your product or service to solve a legitimate problem and succeeds. Both are great means of delivering engaging content to the consumer to encourage them to purchase from your business.

product demonstration

5. Explainer Videos

Have a product or service that includes features that are particularly challenging to understand or to operate? Use an explainer video to accurately show consumers even the most complicated details of your product or service.

Professional video production for your marketing mix should incorporate a diverse mix of video content that will build awareness, attraction, engagement, and sales for your brand.

Many companies are turning to explainer videos to help them guide the consumer down the sales funnel. A video that allows clear and precise demonstration of the product features or special uses can greatly improve consumer outlook for your brand.

live action explainer video

Video marketing is a powerful opportunity for businesses to reach their target audiences and maximize ROI on their content investment. Ready to produce videos for your marketing campaigns? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call.

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