5 Tips to Make the Most of Your 2023 Video Marketing Budget

Whether you’ve never produced video content for your brand or you’ve been producing videos for decades, you know by now that video marketing is a vital element to a successful brand strategy.

So, now that it’s 2023 and you’ve got a video marketing budget to get started with corporate video production for the year, what will you do with that budget? Follow these tips to get the maximum ROI out of your video marketing spend and achieve success for your brand.

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1. Define Your Video Marketing Strategy

What strategy will you use to get your videos in front of the audience that is most likely to appreciate them and convert them? What types of videos will you create? The quickest way to blow any marketing spend is to start haphazardly producing video content without any real plan as to why you’re producing it in the first place or what goals you intend to achieve with the content.

Will you produce video content that builds awareness of your products or services? Will you produce videos that help consumers to better understand the key features of your brand? Will you produce videos that drive users down the sales funnel? Perhaps you’ll strategize wisely and produce a mix of video content that achieves several of these goals?


2. Deliver Content Your Audience Craves

The next step to making the most out of your video production budget for 2023 is to determine what kind of content your consumers are seeking and deliver. Do your homework and make sure that you are planning to produce videos that will serve your audience directly.

Whether it’s explainer videos, education how-to guides, or consumer reviews that share the success of products and services, knowing the type of content your consumers want to see will help you maximize the budget and make the most valuable content for your brand.

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3. Repurpose Content for Maximum ROI

As you define how your video marketing budget will be put to use, consider ways of repurposing your old content to maximize the return you receive.

You could update older videos and add new details or clips, or you could share old content again in a new way. As your audience grows, chances are they have not seen your older content so don’t be afraid to repost with the hashtag, #repost.


4. Promote, Promote, Promote

No matter how much budget you have in your marketing plans to produce video content, you will not achieve the greatest results if you don’t promote it. Don’t be afraid to self promote the content and to ask for shares.

Use your video content in your social media channels, on your website, in your newsletter and emails. Don’t stop promoting your video content just because you produced something new. Balance the mix of production and promotion to get the most out of your marketing spend.

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5. Engage with Your Audience

Videos that engage the audience are more likely to drive the consumer to take action and convert into a paying customer for your brand. How can you create engaging video content?

Consider videos that answer customer questions or those that show the consumer how to use a particular product or service from your brand. The idea is to show the consumer that you are listening to them, delivering content that fills their needs, and willing to build a connection that matters.

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Maximize your video marketing budget and strategize your video marketing for a successful 2023. Need help producing top quality video content for your brand? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call! We can’t wait to help you move forward with top quality video content for your brand.

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