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Booking Marion County video production services in 2023 

This article will explain all about booking Marion County video services. We’ll also discuss the importance of Marion County video production. Online video content is something that everyone talks about and watches these days. Even something as simple as videos on social media. Many of them are about brands or businesses like yours. This is known as video for marketing and branding and is the best option for businesses at this time. To create them you’ll need the best Marion county video production services in 2023. 

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Professional video services are necessary for Marion County businesses at this time. Consumption of YouTube is at an all time high right now.

Having your Florida business featured on here in some way is the perfect way to get more exposure for your brand. A reputable video production agency in Marion can advise you on the requirements to get started with this. 

All of North Central Florida has used Beverly Boy productions for professional video production services for local businesses and brands for over a decade. We can help you understand all about the Marion county video production services that we can offer your business. 

Marion County, a Great Place to Film

There is a wide variety of outdoor fun to be had here. You could visit any one of their natural parks such as Silver Springs State Park, or Rainbow Springs State Park.

To compliment that there is also Rainbow Springs, and Juniper Springs for aquatic activities. You can snorkel in Silver Springs too. The Silver River is known to have wildlife that includes manatees and alligators.

If nature isn’t for you, The Appleton Museum of Art would make a very formal and classy setting for your video. The Reilly Arts Center is also great for events. 

Proudly Servicing the entire North Central Florida area including Ocala, Dunnellon,Belleview, and Reddick 

Video Production Costs in Marion


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Video production costs in Marion county as well as those in Florida’s other counties are relatively similar. They are based on the talents of the production crew and the type of film project they have to work on.

The day rates are usually paid per camera crew member and vary based on their skills. 

Here are examples of the Marion County production crew rates: 

    Editor: $42-$177 per hour 

    Film Director: Approximately $252 per hour

    Scriptwriter: Approximately $152 per hour

    Equipment up to 102’s per hour

    Cameramen: $52-$402 per hour

    Studio Shooting up to $402 per hour

    Narrator: up to $402 per hour 

    Actors: $52-$502 per hour 

    B-Roll: Expect to pay a percentage between 12 and 52% of your total cost

    Miscellaneous Fees: can cost very little up to 1,002’s extra 

    Audio Files: up to $1,002

    Video Rendering: up to $77 per hour

There are many factors that can alter Marion county video production services and individual costs. These are important to know when you hire a crew but not the most important thing. That would be all the ways they are able to help your video project 

Live Streaming in Marion the “New Norm”

Videographer Prepping Camera Gear 162

There has become a “New Norm” since Covid-19 has happened. This has caused Marion County business owners to resort to different tactics to advertise their business in Florida and other counties.

Live streaming in Marion is the “New Norm” that we spoke of. You will have to learn about remote features to effectively use these services.

Thankfully there are professional film crews in Marion that provide these live streaming production services to businesses. 

Service types:

    Webcasting virtual concerts and graduations 

    Bonded cellular streaming 3G/4G/5G and mobile Satellite uplink trucks 

    Funeral live streams, church services, and weddings

    Live polling, LiveU, and Payroll platforms 

      Conference live streams and virtual meetings 

Marion county companies are enjoying the benefits of using livestream technology. With this new tech it has become easier for them to put their livestream video content out there.

These companies are able to reach their remote audiences with their live video feeds thanks to these new and innovative ideas.

Live Streaming Services

These are all made possible with RTMP compatible services including Twitch, Wowza media service, Ustream, YouTube live, and Akamai. 

Livestream video is helping businesses in many ways they never thought possible. From the Tricaster to the Livestream studio HD550, this livestream video technology is being used to achieve many business goals.

Not only have businesses been able to boost viewer engagement. They are also finding it easier to share their interactive content that could include live Q&A, polls, audience chat features, and customized call to action offers.

Hiring the Right Marion Camera Crew

BBP camera crew 1-10

When you need to produce professional quality videos for your its important to make sure that you are hiring a Marion County camera crew that can handle all of your needs.

Beverly Boy productions offers full service film production including Pre-Production planning, filming, and Post production editing! 

A lot of film companies claim to offer Marion County video production services that are high quality. You’ll be disappointed to find out that they are often wrong about that.

Do Thorough Research

That is why it is necessary for you to do thorough research when hiring a professional film crew in Marion. You’ll end up knowing everything about them. 

So much is needed to bring your vision to life on film. We are talking about more than fancy gear and equipment. A good film crew in Marion will need to understand the importance of creativity to such a project.

Discuss Everything

Having an understanding of good storytelling will also be helpful. These are things you should consider discussing with the company you want to hire. 

When using film production services in Marion County you get what you pay for. It’s all about proper investing and knowing what you need to do.

It’s common knowledge that you’ll have to spend a lot to get better quality services for your project. Many companies can’t always afford to do so. That is why hiring the right Marion camera crew requires so much effort. 

Corporate Video Production in Marion 

Video is now considered the best marketing content for businesses. Many businesses are now incorporating marketing videos and other types of video content into their business plans as they realize just how effective these products are.

The value of this marketing media could rise even more in 2023 given how much things have changed. Video for business is on the rise for many good reasons. Now would be a good time to develop a video marketing strategy. 

Improving brand reach and boosting audience engagement are two things every business needs. They are also reasons to consider corporate video marketing in 2023. An expert in corporate video production in Marion can deliver the best products to help you with this. 

See below to learn why you need Marion County video production services: 

    They help you increase the marketing value of your products, they drive more leads to your business, they can increase conversion for your brand. 

    Your rankings in Google search engine results will improve thanks to web pages with video that have been created for you. 

    Traffic to your website will also increase greatly. 

    After viewing a video about the brand people will be more likely to buy from them. This will increase your sales. 

    People prefer watching video over reading about products and services. This will help you appeal to them. 

    Your email campaign will also receive more traffic if it has a video attached. 

    You’ll also see an increase in landing page conversions thanks to the addition of high quality videos. 

    Your revenue each year is important. Videos used in your campaigns and such has been known to increase this. 

There are many reasons why corporate video production in Marion is beneficial to your company. Don’t hesitate to include videos in your video marketing campaign in 2023. 

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Booking an Event Videographer in North Central Florida

Marketing company videos are not the only reason to use Marion County video production services. Another reason for these services is capturing your business events.

You can record important milestones in your company and build brand awareness. Be thorough in your process of booking an event videographer in Marion. 

Why you need an event videographer:

    Professional quality –  The best event videographers are known for being the only ones that are able to provide this. 

    A team that stays out of your way – we deliver perfect productions that are flawless in every way. 

For all business events in 2023 consider booking an event videographer in North Central Florida. Their Marion County video production services will help you remember key moments from your event. Call Beverly Boy productions for more information. 

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