5 Boston Film Festivals You Can’t Miss

If you’re looking for must-attend film festivals in Boston, read no further. Here are 7 that you don’t want to miss. Boston is known for its impeccable taste and eclectic charm, and these Boston Film Festivals represent the best that the city’s film community has to offer. Schedules may vary, so check with each festival’s website for dates and times.

1. The Boston Women’s Film Festival

Boston Film Festivals - Boston Woman's Film Festival


This prestigious film festival in the Boston/Cambridge area is at the forefront of showcasing women’s cinema, offering films produced by women around the world, as well as discussion panels comprised of prominent media figures. There is no better place to connect with industry pros and enjoy female-centric film. November 26-29, 2019.

2. Wicked Queer Film Festival

Boston Film Festivals - Wicked Queer Film Festival


955 Massachusetts Avenue, No. 361
Cambridge, MA 02139


For the best in city film festivals that celebrate the gay, lesbian, and bisexual experience, be sure to attend the Wicked Queer Film Festival, in the Boston/Cambridge area. Its inclusive approach attracts film aficionados the world over, making it one of the top Boston Film Festivals.

3. Irish Film Festival, Boston

Boston Film Festivals - Irish Film Festival, Boston


BIFF Productions Inc.,
48 Highland Street
Waltham, MA 02453


This film festival recognizes and celebrates Irish filmmakers and their works from all over the globe. Be it beautiful Ireland on the screen, or an Irish man or woman behind the camera, this festival highlights the best that Irish cinema has to offer.

4. The Boston Drone Film Festival

Boston Film Festivals - Boston Drone Film Festival


One Guest Street

Boston, MA 02135

If you’re looking for something completely fresh, try the Boston Drone Film Festival, which features works created on drones, where newer technology meets innovative cinema. Drones are responsible for some of the most beautiful and interesting shots in cinema, boldly going where no camera has gone before. A famous example of drone footage in cinema is the pool party scene in Martin Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street.

5. Boston International Kids Film Festival

Boston Film Festivals - Boston International Kids Film Festival


6 Eastman Place
Suite 202
Melrose, MA 02176


You’re never too young for film, as this festival attests. Films presented here are created by, for, and about kids. Besides films, they offer workshops, shorts, and family-friendly features. If you have a child that’s into filmmaking, scriptwriting, or other film-related area, consider taking him or her to this festival to learn more about it and get hands-on experience. Stephen Spielberg started with a camera in his hand when he was young, so who knows where a child’s interest will lead.

As you can see, Boston Film Festivals have something for everyone. If it’s diversity you’re looking for, come to Boston. If it’s niche films, come to Boston. Experience Boston and the world beyond through history-making cinema. And if you fall in love with a festival or two, consider supporting it so that it can continue to make its cinematic contribution.

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