Top 8 Professional Boston Film Crew Lighting Kits

Top 8 Professional Video Lighting Kits

Technology is everything these days and with that in mind, you’ll see why there are so many people posting videos all over the web these days. Advanced technology makes lighting a scene easy for anyone to do, much more so than it was 20 years ago.

Professional video lighting kits can add that extra element of perfection to any scene so whether you want surrealism, perfectionism, or you simply want to stand out from the rest, we’ve put together the best 8 professional video lighting kits for your set or that of any professional Boston film crew.

1. ESDDI Softbox Photography Lighting Kit

ESDDI Softbox Photography Lighting Kit-Transparent

A great kit for the price, the ESDDI Softbox Photography Lighting Kit features elegance, professional quality, and innovative features you’d expect in 2020.

This unique video lighting kit includes features like a top-notch Nylong background screen as well as a cable umbrella. It’s a versatile option for any type of production you have in mind and includes a 6-month warranty. Simply put, this 800W lighting system provides convenience at every turn.

The lighting kit features:

  • Functional softbox for softer light streams and reduced shadows.
  • 2 – 85W 110V daylight CFL bulbs with a total output of 800W.
  • Adjustable lamp holder that can provide angles of 210 degrees.
  • Aluminum, adjustable 3-section legs to adjust camera lighting height from 27” to 80”.
  • Nylon bag for keeping all of your gear in one place for on-the-go use.

2. Neewer Background Support-System & Lighting Kit

Neewer Background Support-System & Lighting Kit-Transparent

If you’re just getting started in the industry, the Neewer Background Support System and lighting kit is a great option with plenty of extra accessories.

Including an umbrella, background green screen, plus a plethora of lighting options to choose from, this starter pack is ideal for any job you have in mind. The durable legs ensure that it can stand up to months and even years of use, making this a highly sustainable option for top camera crews. 

This top-notch video lighting kit includes:

  • 4 – 7 foot light stands for versatile applications.
  • 2 single headlight holders.
  • 4 – 45W CFL Daylight Bulbs for ultra-bright light.
  • Umbrella to reduce shadow.
  • Softbox for diffused lighting.
  • Muslin Backdrop and 6 backdrop clamps.
  • Background stand support system.
  • Carrying bag for versatile travel.

3. Julius Studio 216-Barndoor Continuous-LED Lighting Kit

Julius Studio 216-Barndoor Continuous-LED Lighting Kit- Transparent

This lighting kit offers dimmable lighting and LED construction, as well as various color filters. With a long-life battery, you can be sure that it will work for jobs on-the-go.

The lighting stands all have 3-leg construction so you can easily place them on a variety of surfaces. Built to last and lightweight, they’re the perfect traveling option, especially because the Julius Studio 216-Barndoor Continuous LED Lighting Kit includes a carrying bag.

Great features of this professional video lighting kit include:

  • 3 Compact Portable Bar Door 216 LED Lights.
  • 3 Video Light stands that extend to 86”.
  • 3 battery chargers for video lighting and a travel charger.
  • Carrying case with two front pocket accessory areas for smaller pieces of equipment.

4. Linco Lincostore Studio Light Kit

Linco Lincostore Studio Light Kit-transparent

This professional lighting kit has features that will help you create an ideal scene. The Linco Lincostore Studio Light Kit has a lighting and umbrella reflector, background screen for greenscreen productions, and even a mini lighting holder.

If you’re a professional Boston film crew, you’ll love how versatile this Linco Lincostore kit is, providing everything an expert could want in their lighting kit.

This top-notch video lighting kit includes:

  • 2 Pheno Photography Square Studio Photo Silver Umbrella Reflector Softboxes.
  • 2 Photo Studio White Premium Umbrellas.
  • All in One Carrying case.
  • 77” x 78” background support system.
  • 5’ x 10’ backdrop in White, Black, or Green for greenscreen productions.
  • 4 – 77” sturdy, lightweight light stands.
  • 4 – mini circus light stands.

5. Emart Softbox Studio Equipment Lighting Kit

Emart Softbox Studio Equipment Lighting Kit-Transparent

As a kit that was built to last, this durable Emart Softbox is exactly what you need. It has an ultra-quiet that won’t disrupt any shoot, even on the quietest of scenes.

It’s easy to install and with a set of bulbs to change the color temperature, you can get the variety you need from this option, not to mention the diffuser which can help you to dim the light to a softer image.

Keep in mind that this option also allows for a tent to be used around the light for controlled lighting adjustment and balance. All-in-all, it’s a pretty reliable kit for the professional crew, whether you’re shooting in Beacon Hill or South End.  

This top-notch video lighting kit includes:

  • 2 – 24” x 24” softbox reflectors with photo light holders.
  • 2 – 86” light stands for an ultra-high extension.
  • 2 – 105W CFL Studio Light Bulbs
  • Carrying case for gear

6. GVM Dimmable Bi-Color LED Light Kit

GVM Dimmable Bi-Color LED Light Kit- Transparent

A professional-grade LED Lighting kit with a one-year warranty should you have any mishaps, the GVM Dimmable Bi-Color LED Light Kit can be the ideal option for the beginner videographer. As a highly portable option, it’s great for traveling crews and it also boasts of an excellent light range of 2300 to 6800K.

This means you can rely on it for a variety of production settings and scenes. The brightness and color temperature are easy to control so you can get the exact tones and colors you would want with a professional lighting kit. It’s ideal for any professional Boston film crew.  

The GVM Dimmable Bi-Color LED Light Kit includes:

  • 3 dimmable LED light panels
  • 3 Light Stands.
  • Carrying case.

7. Neewer 2 Pack 528 LED Video Light Kit

Neewer 2 Pack 528 LED Video Light Kit- Transparent

The Neewer 528 LED Video Light system has APP intelligent controls that make using this kit extremely easy—it’s what you’d expect in a 2020 kit, after all. The professional lighting provided by the Neewer is ideal for on set, on-the-go lighting, or outdoors.

The all-metal design also helps this kit to last for many years and any professional would love the LCD Display that helps make this LED light easy to operate. Don’t forget the Li-ion battery option that allows this kit to be easily used outdoors or on trips.  

The Neewer 2 Pack 528 LED Video Lighting Kit includes:

  • 2 – SNL530 LED Video Lights.
  • 2 – White diffuser filters
  • 2 – power adaptors and power cables.
  • 2 carrying cases for the LED panels
  • 2 light stands that are adjustable to over 6 feet and vary to meet your needs.

8. GVM RGB LED Video Lighting Kit 800D Studio

GVM RGB LED Video Lighting Kit 800D Studio-Transparent

The GVM RGB LED Video lighting kit makes it possible for you to control it from an app on your phone. Beginner camera crews like the GVM kit because of how easy it is to simulate 8 different kinds of scenes.

It also simulates the shooting environment of a flickering candle, police car lights, TV, and more. An ideal starter kit featuring a panel range of 3200 to 5600K, the GVM RGB LED professional video lighting kit is the type of beginner kit that won’t disappoint.

This kit features:

  • Simulated lighting modes for 8 different scene types.
  • Multiple output options including RGB or color temperature between 3200 and 5600K.
  • RGB 800D support.
  • Control all lights as single master light.
  • 168 LED Beads and 84 RGB Beads for 100K hours of light life.


We know that these are a lot of options to choose from but you can rest assured that all of these are suitable for a professional Boston film crew. At Beverly Boy Productions, we always look for quality first and foremost and next in line, versatility, and reliability. What are you looking for in your lighting kit? We’d love to know more about your preferences. 

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